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Commentary was checking out the H-Town City Council meeting on the tube yesterday and a couple of fellas came up to speak against turning on the red light cameras.  CM Jolanda Jones chimed in and started asking an assistant city attorney some questions about the courthouse legal maneuverings on the red light cameras.   It appeared as though the assistant city attorney really didn’t want to provide a whole lot of details as CJ Jones kept peppering him with questions.  Then in flew the City Attorney, her current nemesis, sans suit jacket a la Superman, to take the questions from CM Jones.  If you ask me – and nobody ever asks me – he fell into her trap because she asked him a few questions in a very hostile tone and wanted simple yes or no responses.  He didn’t look too comfortable taking her questions.

I point out yesterday’s incident because it appears that she is letting everyone know that taking her on comes at a price.  If her colleagues on council are thinking about any form of public rebuke, reprimand, or censure, it is going to cost them.  She has already signaled that she will fill the Council Chamber with community leaders and activists that support her.  I couldn’t imagine any community leaders coming to council to speak against her.    If it is only going to be left up to the City Attorney to level or present he charges, she’s making it very clear that he should expect incoming and she isn’t going down without a very bruising fight.

I don’t think members of the City Council want to be part of a spectacle that CM Jones will surely turn into a public trial.   She is letting everyone know that she has an arsenal and won’t hesitate to use every weapon at her disposal.    I’d like to know how they are going to figure this one out.

Who was the first position player (non pitcher) to make the NL All Star Team as a ‘Stro?

The Texas Education Commissioner says North Forest ISD is a goner and he wants HISD to take them in.  State Rep. Harold Dutton says no but The Dean agrees.  North Forest has been a beleaguered district for years.  Maybe it is time to put them under somebody else’s umbrella.

The best of last night’s MLB All Star Game telecast was Hunter Pence gunning down Jose Bautista at home plate in the fourth inning.  I also liked Hunter Pence scoring a key run in the seventh inning.  I also loved the Justin Timberlake interview by Mark Grace.

Best Justin Timberlake Line: “Beer’s perfect. Beer never got mad at me because I didn’t call beer back.”

I was waiting for Timberlake to ask Gracie about slumpbusters.

Hall of Fame great Joe Morgan of course was the first position player from the ‘Stros selected to the NL All Star Team when he was selected to start second base in 1966.  He was injured and didn’t get to play though.

Since the NL won last night, the NL Pennant winner will have the home field advantage during this year’s World Serious.  It’s too bad we’re 30-62 and out of contention.


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