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Commentary doesn’t run red lights.  I don’t even try to speed up when the light turns yellow.   Unfortunately a lot of folks do. The Kubosh fella is now accusing the City of H-Town of taking a dive of sorts on the legal maneuverings on the red light cameras.  Meanwhile the cameras have been turned back on.  While this thing is played out in court, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Kubosh reach out to the anti Rebuild Houston folks and create an unholy alliance to take on the H-Town Mayor in the November election.  I don’t think Kubosh will let her have a free ride this election season.   On a related note, check out the anti red light camera bumper stickers in the Houston Press.

The MLB All Star game is being played tonight.  Hunter Pence is our only All Star.  What is the most number of ‘Stros to have ever been in the starting line-up for the NL in an All Star Game?   Bonus:  How many ‘Stros pitchers have ever been in the starting line-up for the NL in an All Star Game?

A NY Times article today says The President told the GOP to “eat your peas” when it comes to doing the debt limit deal.  He didn’t say that.  I was watching The President yesterday and he said “eat our peas” which meant he wanted everyone to make sacrifices.  I think The President has the ability to bring Dems in Congress to buy into a deal even though they will be kicking and screaming and moaning.  I don’t think the Tea Baggers will let Speaker Boehmer make a deal.  Stay tuned!

The GOP Iowa prez primary is where Guv Dude will have to make his bones.  A poll released yesterday in Iowa has Cong. Bachman ahead with 25%.  Romney is at 20% and he says he’s not going to compete in Iowa so Dude would have to come in there and catch on fire with a strategy to knock off Bachman.  The more Bachman campaigns in Iowa while Dude makes phone calls and goes to Colorado and says his prayers, the more difficult it is to make the race.  What do I know?

At the 2004 MLB All Star Game played at The Yard, three ‘Stros of course were in the starting line-up:  The Big Puma (CF), Jeff Kent (2B), and The Rocket (P). 

Two ‘Stros pitchers of course have started All Star Games:  J.R. Richard (1980) and The Rocket (2004).

I admit I watched the 3 hour long Dinger Derby last night.  I can’t say it was eventful.  I think they at least ought to have a rule that says all the participants ought to wear a lid.  You can’t be smacking dingers in front of a national TV audience and a packed stadium unless you are wearing a lid.  I’ll drop by The Yard tonight for a special gathering with a whole lot of free grub to watch tonight’s All Star Game on El Grande.   Maybe they will let Hunter Pence get an at-bat this time.



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