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The Chron’s Columnist did a mini drive by on H-Town CM Jolanda Jones yesterday and says she is a little out of line on how she is handling the OIG investigation and complaint.  He says she should have fessed up early, said a little mea culpa, apologized, and moved on.  I got news for the columnist – that ain’t her style and certainly not part of her DNA.  Check out the column here.  The word from City Hall is a stand-off of sorts on the complaint.  If it goes to the full City Council for a decision, it will get very messy and ugly.

They’re baaaaack!  With very little fanfare and certainly no trumpets blaring, the City of H-Town turned the cameras back on and is now mailing out citations to violators.  I find it interesting that last week the Chron had two lead front page stories on the red light cameras, but when the City says they are now writing tickets, the story is at the bottom of page 2 in the City/State section of the Chron.

Meanwhile, the Chron’s E-Board says turning on the red light cameras is a good thing.  Here is a piece of what they say today:

We believe that’s the best course of action. Honor the ATS contract, save the city millions of dollars, collect more evidence of the system’s beneficial impact on traffic safety, and schedule a legal election at the proper time.
Check out the entire E-Board take here.

Let’s see now.  The City of H-Town installed the red light cameras without a vote from the voters.  The voters voted to uninstall them last month.  Now when the contracts runs out in 2014 The H-Town Mayor and the Chron E-Board want the voters to vote for keeping them installed or uninstalled – got it!

The must see movie this fall for baseball fans is “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt as A’s GM Billy Beane.  Oscar winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays former A’s manager Art Howe.   Art Howe played for the ‘Stros from 1976-1982.  As a ‘Stro he was in Opening Day starting line-ups five times and at three different positions.  Name the positions?

The Albertson’s grocery chain is going to do away with the self serve checkout gizmos like the ones they have at some Kroger stores around here.  Albertson’s says they want to be able to talk to their customers by having them go through checkout lanes with real people.  Sometimes I use the lanes with real people and the conversation usually goes about as far as paper or plastic.   We never talk about what’s for dinner, how come I prefer Charmin, or why don’t I try Zest instead of Lever.

We are now at the MLB All Star Break and one of baseball’s most boring events is on the tube tonight.  I’m talking about the 3 hour made for TV Dinger Derby.  MLB needs to shorten it but they won’t because it is a money maker for them. 

On five different Opening Days as a ‘Stro, Art Howe was the starting first baseman (1980 and 1982), second baseman (1978 and 1979), and third baseman (1981) of course.

In checking out the All Star Break NL leaders in the paper today, Hunter Pence is third in batting average (.323), third in hits (114), and sixth in RBIs (60).   Michael Bourn in first in stolen bases (35), third in runs scored (60), and sixth in hits (104).  Pitcher Bud Norris is seventh in strikeouts (113).

Then how come we’re in last place with a miserable 30-62 record?  They have four days to figure how they’re going to start winning.



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