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The Chron has a front page piece today on what could have been.   The Chron says we could have gotten out of the red light camera contract right after the November election and it only would have cost us $3 mil back then.  Of course, we didn’t have $3 mil back then just like we don’t have $15 to $20 mil now.
Check out the piece.

This is from the piece:

"I suppose that if I had to do it over again, that may be a course we could have followed," City Attorney David Feldman said. To get out of the contract at no cost, the city could have ended it immediately and declared termination for convenience as a backup to cap its liability at four months, he said.

It is always easy to second guess.

Kuffer also has his say today on the red light camera mess: 

As for Kubosh’s ranting, the irony is that if you accept the judge’s ruling – which is right here and is quite clear and concise and really ought to be read by everyone expressing an opinion about it – Mayor Parker should not have urged Council members to vote to put this referendum on the ballot in the first place. She should have told them to vote against it and provoked the fight we are now having last August. It was at the insistence of Mayor Parker and City Attorney David Feldman that Council “supinely ignored – over the voices of some of its members – their responsibility”. If the Mayor ever chooses to directly respond to Kubosh, that should be the first thing she points out.

Check out the entire Kuffer here.

Of course, Kubosh had 20,000 plus signatures last summer.  And let’s say that the 20,000 voters are equally spread out over the nine council districts.  That’s 2,222 per district.  I would have a hard time advising any of the council members to tell 2,222 voters in their district to take a hike and not call for an election.  The last thing they would want is for Kubosh to sic the 2,222 voters on them.

Like I said before, we wouldn’t be in this mess if the red light camera folks had run a better campaign.

The ‘Stros have played 89 games and we only have 49 dingers.  In what year (non strike year) did we have our lowest team dinger production?  Bonus:  How many times has a ‘Stro player had 40 dingers plus in a season? 

It is the dreaded questionnaire season again.  Since Commentary has most of the city candidates listed on the political page except for those that don’t say what position they are running for, in a spirit of transparency, maybe someone ought to put together a website or webpage where we can all go to check out the filled out questionnaires.  You know, to make sure all the candidates are saying the same thing to all the groups.  I wonder if any of the groups would have a problem sharing their questionnaires with the rest of the public. 

A Guv Dude Super PAC was filed with the FEC.  Even though all signs point to Dude running, Commentary is still going to stick to his original choice and say that Dude doesn’t get in.  I just don’t think he wants to go through the hassle of what it takes to run for prez.  It is a whole lot different that running for governor.  Stay tuned!

In 1979 of course the ‘Stros had 49 total dingers – yet we still ended up in second place in the NL West one and a half games behind the Reds.

‘Stros players have had 40 plus dinger seasons six times of course:  Bagwell (43 in 1997), (42 in 1999), and (47 in 2000), Richard Hidalgo (44 in 2000), and The Big Puma (42 in 2002) and (45 in 2006). 

GM Wade said yesterday he’s ready to do trade business.  I hope the following are not trade bait:  Pence, Bourn, Numero 45 (because I don’t want to be paying most of his salary while he plays for a contender), Wandy, Lyles, Myers, Norris, and Carpenter (our new reliever). 

It was Happless evening in Florida last night.  It looks like Corporan Punishment is sticking around as Towles was sent to Oklahoma City.  In order for us to finish at .500, we have to go 51-22 the rest of the way – YIKES! 


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