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Turn out the lights the party’s over.
They say that all good things must end.
Call it tonight he party’s over and tomorrow starts
the same old thing again.

The H-Town Mayor decided to turn on the red light cameras but she says she is going to ask the judge if the City can appeal his ruling.  I don’t think that is going to satisfy the 53% of the voters that gave the thumbs down to the red light cameras last November.   A better bone to the 53% would have been to say that regardless of what happens in the courts on this matter, the voters have spoken and the red light cameras contract will not be renewed in 2014. 

It will be interesting to see how much of a ruckus Kubosh will raise on this issue as we head into the campaign season.  Kubosh could stir up enough anti red light camera sentiment among voters to cut into the margins of victories of all the incumbents.  Watch out now!  Look what he says in the Chron today:

"Anything she (The Mayor) says about placating the voters is a lie. You can’t believe a word coming out of her mouth when it comes to red-light cameras," Kubosh said. "She’s just saying that to appease the voters to try to calm them down a little bit. If she had an opponent the cameras would still be down."

Police Union chief Gary Blankinship also gets into the act:

"It’s good news because they reduce injuries," Blankinship said. "The data clearly shows that serious injury accidents are reduced in those intersections when the cameras are there."

Blankinship added, "The side-effect is the revenue it produces, but clearly we’re not here to be revenue producers for the city – we’re here to make the city safer."

Gary needs to not be talking about the revenue end of this deal. 

What a mess!

Yankee great Derek Jeter is fixing to hit the 3,000 career hit mark.  There are currently 27 former players in the 3,000-hit club.  Name the three that are not Hall of Fame members?  Bonus:  How many of the 27 have hit numero 3,000 while wearing the Yankee pin stripes?

Commentary was watching the Casey Anthony sentencing this morning and Marcia Clark of the O.J. trial came on to give a take.  She’s been hanging around Bruce Jenner too long if you ask me.  She’s had way too much touching up.

Everyone Knew Her as Nancy has a take on H-Town CM Jolanda Jones. 
Check it out.   I don’t know if CM Jones brings this on herself.  I just don’t think that folks know how to handle her.  I’ve said it before.  She didn’t run to get along and go along. 

Pete Rose (barred), Rafael Palmeiro (disgraced), and B-G-O (not yet eligible) are the three 3,000-hit plus players that are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Derek Jeter will be the first Yankee to ever hit numero 3,000 wearing the pin stripes.

The H-Town Mayor is on her way to see the final space shuttle.  Don’t be surprised to see CM Jones doing a Slim Pickens waving a cowboy hat on the rocket as it lifts off just to show up The Mayor.

It was nice to see a bunch of extra base hits in the sixth inning as we finally picked up our 30th W.


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