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H-Town CM Jolanda Jones has been on the H-Town City Council for three and a half years and we know one thing about her, she’ll hit you back and hit you hard if you mess with her.  Yesterday she said that she filed a state bar grievance against the H-Town City Attorney over his handling of the Office of Inspector General complaint against her.  Check out the Chron story here  and the Houston Press story here.   I don’t know where this is headed but one thing is for sure, CM Jones isn’t going down without a fight.   It is interesting in that CM Jones is letting a spokesperson and her lawyer do most of the talking for now.  This one is going to get a lot more interesting.

Meanwhile, the Texas Tribune has a piece today on a grudge match involving Guv Dude.  Check it out.  The trial lawyer involved in the grudge match says he might put together a national PAC dedicated to messing with Dude’s run for prez.  I don’t have a problem with that but he better get him some different folks to run things for him because Dude’s been chewing them up pretty good.

There have been 27 former MLBers with 3,000 or more career hits.  Of the 27, who has the lowest career batting average?

43 is celebrating numero 65 today.  I wonder if Dude will call him to wish him a happy birthday.  I wonder if 43 will celebrate by taking in B’More versus the Rangers.

Speaking of, the Rocket goes to trial today in a D.C. courtroom.   My pal Rusty Hardin takes the mound for the Rocket.  I don’t know if I would bet against Rusty in a high profile case.

Maybe Rusty ought to get a little insurance and bring in that Jose Baez fella who is fresh off of that stunning acquittal in Orlando. 

The Chron’s Jerome Solomon has a column today on the Rocket’s trial being a waste of time and money.  Here is from the column:

You are allowed to lie in Congress and for Congress, but not to Congress.
Here is the entire column.

Former MLB reliever Mike Stanton served as the guest analyst this past weekend on the ‘Stros pregame and post game show.   I remember Stanton being mentioned in the Mitchell Report.  In the report, a lot of players made the mistake of paying for performance enhancing drugs using a personal check so a copy of their checks ended up in the report.  Stanton’s accuser claimed Stanton paid with a money order.   Nobody kept a copy of the money order and Stanton, who refused an invitation to meet with Mitchell, denies ever making the purchase.  Stanton does get a mention in the Mitchell Report but without a copy of a check or the money order.  Note:  the MLB Players Association advised their members not to cooperate with Mitchell.

Hall of Fame great Cal Ripkin of course has the lowest career batting average with a .276 clip of the 27 that 3,000 or more hits. 

We played another game and endured another loss.  


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