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If you have ever been to Boston’s Fenway Park (and Commentary has) you know that they play Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” tune around the eighth inning or so. It is a Red Sox tradition.  During the KissKam this past Sunday, in a genuine show of hospitality to Red Sox fans at The Yard, the “Sweet Caroline” tune was played.  I thought that it was a cool move by Pam-In-Charge’s crew.  The Chron’s Sports Columnist (you know, the guy that knows more than all of us put together) and the sports writer for the Houston Press and a sports radio talk show fella thought playing the tune was a bad move.  The Houston Press fella even complained about a Red Sox fan winning a giveaway prize.  Get a life!

There were a lot of Red Sox fans at The Yard this past weekend.  Maybe half the crowd was Chowder Heads.  That’s OK with me.  Their money is good.  It was nice to see The Yard filled to near capacity for a change.  Playing the “Sweet Caroline” tune isn’t the reason we’re 29-57. 

If the ‘Stros ever get to Fenway Park again, I don’t think Boston area sports writers would complain if “Deep in the Heart of Texas” was played during the seventh inning stretch.  Of course, the Chron’s Sports Columnist who knows more than all of us put together would probably try to raise a ruckus.  Of course, I haven’t heard him complain about sitting in my pal’s Drayton’s seats and eating the free grub a week or so ago. 

Speaking of, who holds the AL MLB career record for most games played?

FoxSports.com has a story today on the ‘Stros and possible trade.  Check it out.

The Chron has a front page piece today on HISD and KIPP fighting for principals.  Here is a bit:

Since last year, at least 13 principals, administrators and central office workers have left HISD for KIPP, with some getting raises and promotions and others taking pay cuts. One has returned to the district, and another exited KIPP after a year.

Another popular charter school, YES Prep, has hired two HISD principals. HISD has poached at least one administrator from KIPP.

The turnover has some HISD trustees worried about morale under Grier, at the helm nearly two years.

"People leaving are young people who we’ve grown. They speak of their real regret about leaving," said Trustee Anna Eastman. "I think it’s telling. We need to be listening to our employees and be aware if they are not satisfied, challenged or feeling valued in their jobs."

Here is the entire Chron piece.

We have nothing to report on the complaint against H-Town CM Jolanda Jones.

We have nothing to report on the red light cameras.

Red Sox great and MLB Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski of course played in 3,308 games for an AL record.

We’re still in last place and will stay there for a while. 



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