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Things continue to get testy in the race in the new 35th Congressional District.  The “old, white guy”, err Dem Cong. Lloyd Doggett visited San Antonio yesterday and it didn’t sit well with his opponent Dem State Rep. Joaquin Castro.  Check out the SA Express News story.   Was it a campaign visit or official business? Who cares?

The race is going to boil down between new leadership versus the old reliable liberal warhorse.  If the Latino community feels like it wants to be empowered, then Doggett is toast.  Everything else is window dressing.  This race is shaping up to be one to watch. I wonder how many Latino elected officials will endorse Doggett.

Remember back in 2000 when the Democratic National Committee cracked on H-Town’s air quality in a dig at W’s leadership here in the Lone Star State.  Remember also when a lot of folks including some local and Lone Star State Dems took offense at the DNC cracks on H-Town’s air quality.  It turns out a few years later then Mayor Bill White said we did have an air quality issue.  If Guv Dude decides to get into the race for prez, quality of life issues in the Lone Star State will once again be under the microscope.  I have a feeling that Dems this time around will not mind if the DNC decides to do some cracking on us.  Stay tuned!

Do you want more on the LA Dodgers blues?  When was the last time the Dodgers went to the World Serious?

There is a little Facebook campaign going to get The H-Town Mayor to cancel the Fourth of July fireworks show.  A lot of cities across Texas are cancelling because of the dry conditions.  I don’t go to them anymore.  It is too much of a hassle.  I just watch them on the tube.  The Mayor says the show will go on.   I’m thinking a lot of homeowners close to Downtown will be sitting in their front yards holding their water hoses Monday night.

The LA Dodger beat the A’s four games to one in the 1988 World Serious.  That was when Reagan was still prez – yikes!

Nolan Ryan says it would be a good idea if the ‘Stros played in the AL West.  Who asked Nolan?

We’re at the halfway point of the miserable season and we looked desperate last night especially when Numero 45 tried to steal second base last in the bottom of the ninth.  It also wasn’t pretty when Michael Bourn got picked off late in the game.  We need some help real bad! 


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