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Guv Dude is definitely spending too much time out of the Lone Star State.  I guess he didn’t pick up this past weekend’s fish wrap that had the piece about Bob Perry, Hootsie, and Norman Adams putting the hurt on the sanctuary cities bill.  Look who Dude blames:

"Unfortunately, SB1 Conference Committee Chairman Robert Duncan ultimately refused to allow language related to the ban of sanctuary cities into the final version of Senate Bill 1.  Because of this action, the special session will not provide our peace officers with the discretion they need to adequately keep Texans safe from those that would do them harm.”

Dude doesn’t have the guts to go up against Bob Perry, Hootsie, and Norman Adams – folks he is going to need if he runs for prez. 

I will say it again.  I don’t think Dude is ready for the bigs.  He can get away with this blame game here in the Lone Star State where he has pretty much gotten his way, but he can’t get away with this on the national stage.  He’ll get chewed up and spit out and stomped on.

After today when the Legislature goes home, Dude goes up against stiffer competition.  It is kind of like going from the high school game to the pros or like going from taking on the gang from “Toy Story” to taking on the Decepticons.  He’s going to get hit a whole lot harder and faster and the opposition is going to be way bigger and better. 

The MLB is thinking about taking over the beleaguered LA Dodgers franchise.  Who was the last Dodger pitcher to win the NL Cy Young Award?

Way to go to Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria for continuing to lead the charge for transparency at the Port.  The Chron story isn’t online yet but it looks like the Port CEO doesn’t get it and keeps withholding conflict of interest stuff from the Port Commissioners. Toss him!

Houston CM James Rodriguez is doing his part to keep soccer alive in the East End.   Check out today’s Chron.com here.   Nice job James!

Reliever Eric Gagne of course won the 2003 NL Cy Young Award wearing the Dodger blue after getting 55 saves with an ERA of 1.20. 

Our MO last night was Missed Opportunities.  We also had mental errors like folks forgetting to cover second base on a key play.  We had runners on first and third with no outs with pitcher Jordan Lyles at the plate and bunting with two strikes and then striking out in what looked like a confusing situation.  We also had the Rangers pitcher who was batting .000 leading off an inning with a triple.  I can’t say anymore.

Yes I can.  Our skipper also got tossed but at least we got T-shirts last night.



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