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Lone Star State Dems get no respect these days.  This time the diss comes from The President as The White House decides to go with the recommendations made by GOP U.S. Senators from the Lone Star State over Congressional Dems on four U.S. Attorney positions.    Here is from the SA Express news:

The administration has disregarded its previous agreement and our hope for more change in the Texas justice system after decades of total Republican domination,” said Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin.


“It is particularly disappointing to see the unwarranted rejection of our recommendation of Houston attorney Larry Veselka,” Doggett said.
Check out the entire article here.

Commentary isn’t surprised by this.  The White House had to do what they have to do I guess.

The LA Dodgers filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday.  Who was the last Dodger to win the NL MVP Award?

From the Latino, Dem, or Commentary point of view, I don’t think you can say that there were winners during the past Regular Legislative Session or soon to be completed Special Called Session.  I think survivors might be a better choice.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope the last minute push-back by Bob Perry, Hootsie, and Norman Adams keeps the sanctuary cities bill off of the books. 

For those that read Spanish, La Voz has a piece on the Latino candidates in the new Council District J race.    Check it out here.

Commentary’s political page  continues to be the source to go to see who’s running in the upcoming City of H-Town elections.  With eight candidates running in District B and seven in At-Large 2, we are for sure going to have a run-off in early December. 

No word yet on what is going to happen with the red light cameras though one of the District C candidates came out in opposition.  Of course, most of the neighborhoods in District C supported the cameras.  It could play well in some ‘hoods and play not so well in other ‘hoods.  Stay tuned!

Kirk Gibson of course won the 1988 NL MVP Award wearing the Dodger blue.

The Rangers are in town for three as the ‘Stros approach the halfway point of the season, err miserable season.  I’m sure there will be a lot of Ranger fans at The Yard tonight but that’s OK with me since they are probably fellow Texans.  I’m sure they’ll enjoy checking out a game with the AC turned on. 


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