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San Antonio State Rep. Joaquin Castro is running in the new 35th Congressional District and so is Dem Cong. Lloyd Doggett.   The race is starting to get a little testy.  This is from the SA Express News:

“I’ve been very disappointed at remarks I have heard Congressman Doggett make that seem to try to divide the people of San Antonio and Austin,” said Castro, a lawyer. “I think that this is not a time for division. This is a time we have to stand united on the issues that matter to the people of this district, including jobs, education and health care.”

Ouch!  And:

“This is the only Hispanic opportunity district proposed, so it’s highly unlikely” that courts would reject it, (Democratic political consultant Colin) Strother said.

Strother disparaged Doggett’s plan to run in the new district, calling him an “old, white guy” who should step aside.

“The fact that he thinks he can just take this district — it’s a minority San Antonio district — is really a shame,” Strother said. “It flies in the face of our own legal argument as Democrats.”   Check out the entire piece here.

Doesn’t this sound familiar?  It sounds like what some folks were talking about here in H-Town regarding the new 63% Latino populated City Council District J.

A white fella like Strother can get away with calling out an “old, white guy”, but if Commentary said something like that, well, you know I’d probably get punished.

The sanctuary cities bill may die thanks to help from the cavalry, errr Norman Adams, Hootsie, and Bob Perry, the fellas Dems love to hate.  Check out stories from the  Texas Tribune  and the  Chron.

Here is from the Hootsie/Adams letter that you can find in the Texas Tribune story:

The Governor’s political advisers evidently believe this bill will help his image nationally.  The fact is, passage of this bill will convince more Hispanic voters that Republicans really do want to deport their mothers!   What a terrible message for Texas!

The media headlines will read "Texas follows Arizona!"   How ironic it is that Texas Republicans would vote for a bill that will make it more difficult to recruit Hispanics to their party!

Here is from the Chron piece:

Meanwhile, Republican political observers quietly acknowledge they are concerned the issue may backfire against the GOP by stirring up a mostly-Democratic Hispanic vote in the 2012 elections. Perry got a cool reception at his speech before the National Association of Latino Elected-Appointed Officials in San Antonio Thursday, where protestors picketed his speech because of the sanctuary city legislation. The governor did not mention the issue during his talk

"I thought it was hypocrisy at its best," said (Dem State Rep. Carol) Alvarado. "I didn’t recognize who he was because he was talking about the Latino community with such admiration and respect that it didn’t seem like the same person that tried to implement sanctuary cities."

Yankee pitcher A.J. Burnett struck out four Rockies batters in the sixth inning Friday night.  According to mlb.com, a pitcher striking out four batters in one inning has only happened 55 times in MLB history.  ‘Stros pitchers have accomplished the four strikeout inning feat three times.   Name the pitchers.

It looks like conservative columnist George Will has ditched Tim Pawlenty and has fallen for Guv Dude.  Check out part of what Will wrote yesterday about Dude:

French cuffs and cowboy boots are, like sauerkraut ice cream, an eclectic combination, but Perry, who wears both, is a potentially potent candidate for the Republican presidential nomination because his political creed is uneclectic, matching that of the Republican nominating electorate. He was a "10th Amendment conservative" ("The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people") before the tea party appeared.
Here is the entire George Will column.

It turns out I may not have a problem with the Lone Star State selling Johnny Reb license plates. It will just save me the hassle of guessing if someone is an arsehole or not.

Former ‘Stros Mike Scott (1986), Octavio Dotel (2003), and Brad Lidge (2004) of course have struck out four batters in one inning. 

Corporan Punishment is the best way to describe the season so far.  Add bad base running to our woes.  You know things aren’t going well when the team’s fourth string catcher, Carlos Corporan, is eating up most of the innings behind the plate.  When Corporan does get on base it is by accident.  We scored ten runs yesterday and still got beat. The players need to stop playing like a 28-51 team!  Oh yeah, we got swept this past weekend by the Rays. 


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