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The NALEO annual conference gets underway today in San Antonio and Guv Dude will give welcoming remarks at a luncheon today. 

The following are lines you are not going to here Dude deliver to NALEO members in San Antonio today:

Please, please, sit down please, thank you, thank you, please, please, sit down, thank you (after a thunderous introduction and prolonged standing ovation).


Welcome to San Antonio, Sanctuary City, U.S.A.

Buenos dias, I’m Rick Perry and I’m running for President!

Mi casa es su casa!


How’s your year been!

Si se puede!

No se puede!

I work closely with the Latino members of the Texas Legislature on …….

The Latinos student population growth in Texas continues to increase and we’re meeting that challenge by cutting public education spending by billions of dollars.

As Cesar Chavez once said……

According to a study last year conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas -Latino workers in Texas are on the short end of two pay gaps. They earn substantially lower wages than the state’s non-Hispanic white workers. They also earn less than Latinos working in other parts of the U.S.

Let me report to you the gains made by Latinos in redistricting during this past legislative session.

I’m a uniter, not a divider!

Ya’ll started it back in 1836 when Santa Anna had his buglers play “El Degüello” just a few yards from here.

Come and take it!

Remember the Alamo!

Who was the 1,000th player to play an official game with the New York Yankees?   He also had 373 career at-bats without an extra base hit which is still a MLB record. 

Nothing to report on the red light cameras today other than they are still off.

I wonder if Dude’s campaign is going to hire a mariachi band to accompany him into the NALEO luncheon hall today.

Former ‘Stro pitcher Jim Deshaies of course was the 1,000th player to play an official game with the Yankees back on August 7, 1984.   (The Yankees drafted him in.)  On September 23, 1986 as a member of the ‘Stros, starting pitcher Deshaies struck out the first eight Dodgers that batted, setting an MLB record.  Deshaies is celebrating his 51st BD today.  Happy Birthday JD! 

Going into the 9th inning last night, I actually thought we were going to get swept up in Arlington.  I was pleasantly surprised by that four run outburst that got us a split of the roadie.  Tomorrow night we start a nine game killer home stand starting with the 41-34 Rays, followed by the 40-36 Rangers, then ending with the 44-30 Red Sox – yikes!  We’re 28-48. 


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