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Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council meeting yesterday and noticed that the red light folks brought in their firepower to City Council Chambers – GOP hot shot lawyer Andy Taylor and former Texas Supreme Court Justice Tom Phillips, another GOPer of course.   They were on the agenda to speak and asked that they be moved up the speakers list.   It turns out they didn’t speak.  Folks at City Hall are still trying to figure out what to do with the 53%-of-the-vote-gorilla-in-the-room that just won’t go away. 

Meanwhile, today the Chron E-Board got into the fray and want the City to turn on the red lights RIGHT NOW!   Check out what they say.

Here’s a taste of what  the E-Board says:

(H-Town CM Anne) Clutterbuck says she still supports the cameras, but to turn them back on now would "be a violation of the will of the people."

We disagree. The election violated the will of the people as expressed in the city charter.

Now hold on E-Board!  I don’t even think 1% of the H-Town voters know where to find the H-Town City Charter but we do know that 53% of those that showed up at the polls put the old thumbs down on the red lights.  So you can’t cavalierly blow them off.

Here is how the E-Board ends today’s piece:

We believe the best solution for the city and taxpayers is to restart the red-light cameras and fulfill Houston’s legal commitment to its contract with ATS. If opponents want to mount a legitimate challenge, they can follow the rules and do so when the contract comes up for renewal in three years.

There is no easy way out on this deal.  What you can’t do is to put further stress on the voter.   A lot of them like Commentary are seeing their water bills go up.  The roll out of the Rebuild Houston fee wasn’t pretty.  They are seeing some city services reduced.  Now you want to tell them that their vote didn’t count last November. 

We have to do better than that so stay tuned!

‘Stros skipper Bard Mills wears the numero 2.  Name the Baseball Hall of Fame great that was with the ‘Stros in the latter part of his career that also wore the numero 2?

My old pal Yolanda Black Navarro has an Op-Ed in today’s Chron and mentions the new City Council District J.   Check it out.   Yolanda jumps the gun a bit and asks the Latino community to get behind the only announced Latina candidate in the race.  There is a Latino that has filed the paper work to run and his name is Rodrigo Cañedo.  So both candidates need a look.  In the coming days and weeks folks will get to know more about both or more.  Stay tuned!

Mama mia!  It’s complicated!  One of Commentary’s all time favorites is 62 today!  Happy Birthday Meryl Streep!  The fantastic Mrs. Fox will never need touching up!

From the things to come department:  Super star Dem consultant James Carville called out Guv Dude yesterday on CNN.  Carville said that Dude’s “not bright” – ouch! 

The H-Town City Council will spend most of today finalizing the City’s budget. 

The late and great Nelson “Nellie” Fox of course wore the numero 2 as a player and then as a coach for the ‘Stros from 1964-1967.  Nellie Fox played most of his career with the White Sox (1950-1963) and was the 1959 AL MVP Award winner.

Last night in Arlington the fans set a Guiness World Record by having thousands wear shades at night.  Even 43 put on a pair.

All I can say about the team though is that sometimes – like last night –the back end of our pitching staff look like Triple A arms and our only healthy catcher looks like he ought to be in Double A – yikes!   We should have won last night but we didn’t so that is that!  


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