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GOP State Senator Jeff Wentworth bought an ad in the SA Express News accusing Dem State Senator Leticia Van De Putte of “race baiting” because Sen. Van De Putte agrees with Commentary that the GOP are pulling an “El Degüello” on Lone Star State Latinos during the Regular and Special Legislative Sessions. Let’s see now:  Voter I.D., sanctuary cities, redistricting – ya’ll asked for it!  Check out the Chron story on Wentworth crying.

Speaking of, Smokey the Oso briefed U.S. Senator John McCain yesterday and said that paperless folks were starting the wildfires out in Arizona.  Light my fuego, light my fuego, light my fuego…….oh, brother!

Of course, I’m betting that if the GOP controlled legislature sent to Guv Dude a bill that said no texting in Espanol while driving, Dude would sign it in a second.

The red light camera folks have decided to play hardball with The Mayor and the City of H-Town.   Check out the story.   Hey, that’s their right.  This is going to be an interesting one.  Here is what my pal CM Anne Clutterbuck had to say:  "It would be a violation of the will of the people to turn them back on.  Even though I was a supporter of red light cameras and believe that they save lives, the people have spoken. But there’s no doubt we’ll be owing a lot of money for breach of contract."

What MLB pitcher tossed the most wild pitches ever?

I kind of thought Guv Dude was reading Commentary but I guess he’s not and is going to get into the race after all.  How else do you explain adding the “pat down” stuff to the special session list? 

How much has changed over the past 12 years?  12 years ago around this time, W was receiving a steady stream of the national GOP elite including former cabinet officials, members of Congress, and major donors. Today, best I can tell, nobody is coming to see Guv Dude.  Instead he’s spending his time throwing red meat at the Tea Baggers and right wing social conservatives.

12 years ago today W was operating in a bi-partisan legislative atmosphere with a GOP Lite Guv, a Dem House Speaker, a one seat GOP edge in the Senate, and a 78-72 Dem edge in the House.  We all know what the picture up in Austin looks like today.

12 years ago today the national talking heads were talking up W because he liked to hug Latinos.  Today, Dude is heading up the “El Degüello” effort against Lone Star State Latinos.  Stay tuned!

Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan of course tossed 277 wild pitches.

All I can say about last night’s game in Arlington is that we looked (JA) Happless.  It didn’t help that ‘Stros third baseman Chris Johnson flubbed a grounder that allowed the first Ranger batter to get on base and that’s all she wrote!


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