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Commentary said he wasn’t going to get into the charges and stuff being leveled at H-Town CM Jolanda Jones.  I don’t know much about them.  So I won’t.  However, at yesterday’s H-Town City Council public session, a number of folks showed up to speak in support of CM Jones.  Nobody showed up to speak against her.  I can’t say the same about the letters to the Chron.  CM Jones got hammered today in the letters to the editor section.  Check them out.  There is supposed to be a gathering of all the parties on this matter pretty soon.  I wonder if the meeting is open to the public.  Stay tuned!

I’ve said it before.  Guv Dude spends way too much time in front of the mirror every morning.  Now he’s comparing himself to a prophet.  Here is the quote: "a prophet is generally not loved in his hometown." This was said in response to him being more popular outside of the Lone Star State.  Let’s see.  We’ve had governors, senators, millionaires, U.S. representatives, business leaders, doctors, and movie actors run for prez.  I’ve never heard of a prophet running for prez so that’s one of the reasons why I think Dude doesn’t make the race.

The Pirates are still in town so who was the last Pirate to win the NL Cy Young Award and when?

According to the Chron, it looks like some bond brokers got over on the County big time.  Check out the Chron story.  How does this happen?  Aren’t there check and balances out there to prevent this with all the money that is made off of these deals?  I wonder where the buck will stop on this one.  It has to land on somebody’s doorstep. 

Another Latino entered the race for the H-Town City Council, District J race.  Welcome to the party Rodrigo Cañedo!  Rodrigo is a Sharpstown resident and a small business owner.  We will have more on Rodrigo later.

Al Roker and Jenna Bush and “The Today Show” are in town this morning raising funds and supplies for Case de Esperanza. ‘Stros skipper Brad Mills, pitcher Mark Melancon, and catcher J.R. Towles are also on hand to help out.

Commentary got an email yesterday from folks that are trying to get Linda Whitley to run against HISD Board President Paula Harris out in District IV.  I don’t know Linda Whitley.  I don’t know who sent me the email.  I don’t know who is behind her.  I don’t know who is supporting her.  I wonder if it has anything to do with that Texas Watch piece that came out last week.  Stay tuned on this one!

Doug Drabek of course won the NL Cy Young Award in 1990 as a Pirate.

The ‘Stros got rid of their pitching coach yesterday as the bats went silent last night – drats!


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