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The H-Town Mayor laid out possible options for embattled CM Jolanda Jones. 
Checkout the Chron story here.  Options include having the matter handled by the Municipal Courts – oh nooooooooooo!!!   I’d rather do a weekend in the pillory in front of The Yard!

It looks like Guv Dude is seriously considering his options.  Lone Star State political observers are now starting to put money on Dude getting into the race now that Newt is running around naked.  Commentary still thinks that Dude won’t make the race.  The Lone Star State is Dude’s comfort zone.  He can get away with mooning local E-Boards and stuff like that.  National politics is a different animal that Dude doesn’t know.  National politics would not be kind to Dude.  He’d get owned in the national arena and I think he knows it.  I’m thinking we’re stuck with him for a while.

The ATL comes in for a four game series that starts tonight.  On October 9, 2005, we played the memorable 18 inning NLDS game against The ATL that ended with the Chris Burke dinger.  How many pitchers did the ‘Stros use that game – name them – and who got credited with the win?

The Port continues to get bad publicity on Channel 13 and in the Chron. 
Check this out. 

Here is a taste from the Chron:

Earlier this week, (Harris County Commissioner Steve) Radack called on Port Commissioner Jim Fonteno – the county’s other appointee besides Lanier – to resign for accepting health insurance provided by the port. Port Commissioner Steve Phelps also accepted the health coverage.

The insurance plan that covers port employees was made available to commissioners last year, but Radack has criticized that arrangement.

"It’s a frustrating thing, and I believe that things are going to change," Radack said. "The county attorney and Harris County Commissioners Court, one way or another, are going to get down to the bottom of it all."

We stinks!

I’m thinking that changes are coming sooner than later at The Port if you ask me.

HISD Trustee Anna Eastman continues to show leadership on the HISD Board. 
Check out the latest from the Chron.  Way to go Anna!

The ‘Stros used eight pitchers of course in that 18 inning thriller back in 2005 in the NLDS:  Brandon Backe, Mike Gallo, Russ Springer, Wandy, Chad Qualls, Brad Lidge, Dan Wheeler, and The Rocket of course who got credited with the win of course.

Last night we had a bad sixth inning that never should have happened.  I think they call them mental lapses.  At least tomorrow evening we get JD. And Brownie Bobble Heads.  We get to watch Jordan Lyles take the mound.   We also get to listen to the Houston Symphony in a pre game mini-concert perform classics like “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!”  Maybe they will do the tune from “The Natural.”


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