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First of all, let me say again that Commentary worked for Prop 1.

You have to hand it to The Mayor for taking full responsibility on the fee mess up involving Rebuild Houston.  We told H-Town folks last year during the election that they would be paying on average $5 per month.  The pre-bills were sent out a couple of weeks ago and it turns out the average monthly bill is $8.25 – yikes!   Check out the Chron article on the goof.

The Mayor took it on head on and here is a bit from the Chron:

"The typical example we used may have given the wrong impression to the voters and to Council," Parker said. "I’m going to lay out to Council ways to bring (the rate) it down. I think we probably ought to do that, but Council will need to do this with me."

Fee opponent Paul Bettencourt weighed in and said this:

"Now we’ve got proof that we have been lied to.  She hasn’t been coming clean with the public and telling them what they need to know.  We got an appeal and this is certainly going to add some significant juice to it."

What are you talking about fella?  She has been up front on this from the beginning.  She has talked to everybody.  She saw the goof up and is committed to getting it fixed.

Not very many elected officials or politicians would own up like The Mayor just did.  She’s not ducking on this one.  She even sent out a memo to members of the H-Town City Council detailing the error and outlining steps she would like to take to correct.  From the beginning, the implementation of Rebuild Houston has been a challenge.  I for one say let’s work with The Mayor to get it done right.

“We stinks!”  That is how Cubbie pitcher Carlos Zambrano in broken English described the Cubbies current 8 game losing streak. 

The 2011 MLB Amateur Player Draft winds up today.  Name two ‘Stros currently wearing the brick red that were taken in the 2006 Draft? 

The Chron E-Board weighed on the congressional redistricting plan that is moving through the special session.  Check it out.  “We stinks!”

I guess my pal Rusty Hardin is doing his job over at the Port.  Here is the first line from a Chron piece about the current investigation:

Port of Houston officials are cooperating only reluctantly with an investigation of their activities by the Harris County Attorney’s Office, representatives of that office said Tuesday.

Here is what an Assistant County Attorney said: "They’re obviously suspicious of our motives. They have been reluctant to cooperate with us, but they have not refused."
Here is the piece in the Chron.

Pam-In-Charge is in the Star Section of today’s hard copy of the Chron.  There is a picture of her, her good friend Ellen Cohen, and former newscaster Lisa Malosky at the Pink in the Park Brunch that was held at The Yard a couple of weeks ago.  Pam-In-Charge served as Co-Chair of the Brunch.

She also just missed getting plunked by a foul ball last night as she and her crew sat in their perch.

“Stros third baseman Chris Johnson of course was drafted in the fourth round of the 2006 MLB Draft and pitcher Bud Norris of course was drafted in the sixth round of the 2006 MLB Draft.

What can you say about giving up a base loaded base clearing double to the San Luis pitcher last night who was only hitting .100 and then we fell behind 5-2?  What can you say about the ‘Stros loading the bases in the bottom of the eighth with nobody out, trailing 6-3, then having Bourn strike out, Barmes pop out, and then Hunter Pence strike out.  You can’t say anything but walk out in disbelief again thinking that this team will keep figuring out ways to come up short.

“We stinks!”

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