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So here is the deal.   The past three months, many Latino activists got involved in the City of H-Town redistricting process.  Maps were drawn.  Meetings were held.  Latinas and Latinos spoke at hearings and in the end the City Council adopted a plan that gives the Latino community a shot at a third district (District J) position this November.

Immediately after the Council vote, a young and energetic Latina named Criselda Romero from the southwest part of H-Town filed a campaign treasurer designation and started to meet with folks to get their support in the new District J.  She works for CM Ed Gonzalez and has his endorsement.  Commentary has met with her.  

During the redistricting process the Latino leadership was introduced to the Houston Civic Coalition.  The group advocated for more Latino council districts.  Their leader drew maps and was pretty aggressive and even got a special mention from the H-Town Mayor for his work and involvement.

Last Wednesday, Mike Laster also filed a campaign treasurer designation for the District J position and treasurer listed is the head of the Houston Civic Coalition.  Understandably folks in the Latino leadership were a bit surprised.  In fact, my pal Yolanda Black Navarro unleashed an open letter tirade against the Coalition leader that got folks to talking.  She called him a Benito Arnold – yikes.  It should be noted that Mike Laster was a candidate in District F back in 2009 which is now part of District J. 

It gets a bit more interesting.  The Coalition leader also is heavily involved in the campaign of Bolivar Fraga for City Council At-Large 2.  He even has a Fraga campaign email address.    So he’s a major player in two city council campaigns.  Some folks have suggested to Commentary that the two moves and roles are related. 

I think Yolanda was right in unloading on the Coalition leader.  During the redistricting process he called out some folks for not being more aggressive in going for more Latino opportunity districts.  Now he ends up serving as the treasurer for a non Latino candidate in the district where we have a shot at electing a Latina….tsk, tsk, tsk.

Mike Laster is a nice fella and I can’t fault him for running.  He practices law with the Chair of the Harris County Dem Party which has a number of Latino leaders thinking that it looks like the local Dem Party is working against the political interest of the Latino community.  Stay tuned for sure on this folks.

Name the ‘Stros pitcher that has the record for giving up the most dingers in a season? 

A lot of folks are going after Sarah Palin for not knowing her Paul Revere history.  I look at it this way.  At least she didn’t refer to him as Paul Revere and the Raiders.

The late Jose Lima of course gave up 48 dingers in 2000 – Lima time!

The bad news is we’re on a three game losing streak.  The good news is that we took the roadie 4 games to three.


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