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Commentary recommends you check out the take from R.G. from Burkablog on the events leading up to the Lone Star State legislative session filibuster and the fallout.  I’m thinking that a lot of R.G.’s sources on his piece were Dem players.  R.G. must read my pal Robert Miller’s takes because he too used the phrase “pyrrhic victory” to describe what the Dems got or did not get. 
Check it out.

Commentary hasn’t talked to anybody about what happened at the State Capitol but other than the “yippie ki yay” press releases sent out by the Lone Star State Dem Party, I haven’t read anything from the objective media that says Dems came out looking better because of the filibuster.   R.G. mentions one of my favorite movies to end his piece:

Despite all the first-blush accolades for (State Sen. Wendy) Davis, I’m much more reminded of the ending of The Bridge Over the River Kwai. In the insular world of a prisoner of war camp, the chief protagonist, Colonel Nicholson, had won a point of principle over his Japanese captors and maintained his POW British soldiers’ pride by building a bridge for the Japanese Army that would last 500 years. Only as the allied commandoes tried to destroy his work did the truth of his actions come home to roost. With a look of bewilderment on his face, he asks himself, “What have I done?”

Of course, I wonder if R.G. remembers the line from Major Clipton that follows.  It is also the last line of the flick. 

“Madness, madness!”

This is the fourth day of the special and I haven’t heard any good news so stay tuned!

Who hold the ‘Stros team record for most times making the NL All Star Team?

There is a little bit of drama going on behind the scenes within the H-Town Latino political community. According to an email Commentary received last night, a Latino is listed as the campaign treasurer for a non-Latino candidate in the District J – yikes.  A Latina leader that Commentary respects said of the move and the fella in question:

“There are not enough adjectives to describe how I felt when I found out that you had destroyed, dishonored, decapitated and deceived our Latino community.”

The Latina leader and others are supporting the candidacy of Criselda Romero in District J.  You better stay tuned on this one for sure.

B-G-O of course was an NL All Star seven times.

Commentary stayed up last night to see us win our fourth straight – nice!  These guys are playing some real good baseball. 


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