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Even though we still have a few laps to run before a Congressional redistricting plan is finalized for the Lone Star State, it isn’t too early for some Bexar County Dems to start licking their chops and mulling over the possibility of running in the proposed 35th District.     Check out the American Statesman story on this.

While Dems prepare for the redistricting battles at the State Capitol and in the courts, Cong. Lloyd Doggett and some Bexar County Dem elected officials owe it to their political future to start looking ahead.  It is the smart thing to do.

Doggett or no Doggett, some Bexar County Dem electeds detect blood in the water and are seriously considering the next step.  Here is what they are saying:

"That district as drawn is probably attractive to no less than half of the Bexar County delegation from the (state) House.  It takes in some of the most Hispanic and Democratic neighborhoods in San Antonio."

"I’m interested in taking a very close look at it.”

"It’s impossible to ignore the opportunity this map presents to someone from the south side of San Antonio who already represents so many of its constituents.”

"Congressman Doggett is certainly a respected elected official who has enjoyed a respected career, but politics is politics."

You have to do what you have to do.

Fan voting has begun for the MLB All Star Game and some early results were released the past couple of days.  As expected, not a single ‘Stro is among the top vote getters.  In the NL race for the three outfield spots, The Big Puma is running third.  When was the last time a ‘Stro was elected by the fans to start in an All Star Game?

Committee hearings begin up in Austin today on redistricting and school funding and Dems are scrambling to get their folks up there and get some publicity and public opinion on their side.  Commentary’s email inbox has gotten a bunch of stuff in the past 48 hours.  It is kind of in a frenzy mode.  The GOP doesn’t seem to be worked up though.  It looks like they are just on a nonchalant stroll on their way to a roll job of sorts.  Go figure!

In 2008 of course, The Big Puma was elected to start at first base for the NL All Star Team.

The Chron said we would go 14-14 in May and have a 25-30 record after two months.  We went 11-17 in May and 21-34 after two months. What do they know!  At least we got us a sweep of the Cubbies at Wrigley.  Now we have four in San Diego and we seem to be playing good ball so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. 


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