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Leadership is foreign to Guv Dude.  Getting even is more his style these days.  Check out this from today’s Chron on the Special Session:

"This is a gift for the governor," said (GOP State Sen. Steve) Ogden of the special session. He predicted Perry would play "hardball" and put numerous items on the agenda to take advantage of needing only a majority for Senate passage.

This from today’s Star Telegram:

"We come here to work," Gov. Rick Perry said early Monday as Republicans were scrambling to find a way around (Dem State Sen. Wendy) Davis’ filibuster before the session ended that evening. "We don’t come here to be show horses."

Dude certainly knows the show horse role if you ask me.

For the next few days or weeks or so, Dude will continue to strut around and crow on occasion and smirk when asked about running for Prez. He will use the Special Session as an excuse for not deciding to get into the bigs.  In the end though, he won’t make the big show.  He’d face a much higher caliber of pitching that I don’t think he wants to go up against.  He wouldn’t like having to go up to the plate and whiff and trudge back to the dugout with just his bat in his hand.  Stay tuned!

20-year old Jordan Lyles will take the mound this evening for the ‘Stros at Wrigley.  Lyles will be wearing the numero 41.  Who wore the numero 41 for the ‘Stros during the 2005 World Serious?

Back to the Special Session:  If the Dems in the Texas Legislature think it is a good idea to force a Special Session, have at it.  Of course, as each day goes by, there is more of a chance that bad things will happen than good things. 

Two months of the 2011 MLB season have gone by now and Hunter Pence is having an impressive season.  He’s batting .312.  He’s tied for third in the MLB in doubles – 17.  He’s fifth in hits with 69.  He’s tied for sixth in RBIs – 40.  He’s tied for seventh in total bases – 109.  Way to go!

Well the summer is here so the H-Town City Council races will start to heat up.  Commentary lives in the reconfigured District C so we ought to start seeing the signs go up.  Commentary, My Brown Eyed Girl, My Best Friend, and HISD Trustee Anna Eastman all live in District C – cool!

Brandon Backe of course wore the number 41 during the 2005 World Serious.

We had a very miserable series at The Yard against the D-Backs this past weekend.  Then we had a very nice win at Wrigley yesterday afternoon.  I’ve gotten three foul balls but haven’t kept a one this season.  Dante has two.  We’re 20-34 and 11 ½ out of first and have the second lousiest record in the bigs.  I ain’t giving up though!


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