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Guv Dude on cue said Friday that he’s thinking about running for Prez.  What else is new?  What else can he do?

Shortly after Dude’s response the Lone Star State Dem Party put out a press release that I didn’t even bother to read because Dude owns the State Dem Party.

Dude also owns the Texas Legislature.  He’s getting pretty much what he wants including getting to decide who he deals with on the Windstorm Insurance stuff.  Dude owns.

He also owns the media in the Lone Star State.  Last year he told the fish wrap E-Boards to kiss his arse and he still owns.  Just about every E-Board came out against the current state budget but Dude still owns.

In the end though, Commentary doesn’t think that Dude will run in 2012.   Dude can easily roll over the Lone Star State media and he owns the Lone Star State Dem Party but he knows the national media and the folks that run The President’s campaign are the big leagues so he will find an excuse not to run.  So he’ll just keep on owning certain folks in the Lone Star State for a while.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of, who owns the MLB record for career All-Star Game dingers?

An accidental foul ball l(my third of the season) landed at Commentary’s feet yesterday so I just scooped it up and gave it to a kid yesterday. 

Stan “The Man” Musial of course has the record with six career All-Star Game dingers.

Our record is 19-34 and we can’t hold a lead and can’t take a lead and are having to call up a 20-year old kid named Jordan Lyles to replace Wandy who just went on the DL – yikes! 



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