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You have to think it is downright scary when folks like Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney are considered “mainstream” GOPers.  As the 2012 GOP field for Prez takes shape, the so called “mainstream” wing of the party is really not happy with the current crop of candidates.  They’re looking for, err begging for a “mainstream” GOPer to jump in.  Of course, who out there can be considered a “mainstream” GOPer these days.  I guess Jeb Bush is the only one to come to mind, heck, after all he did share a stage with The President a couple of month ago so that gives him “mainstream” cred.

It is really downright scary that the Guv of the Lone Star State isn’t even considered acceptable to “mainstream” GOPers – yikes!  Guv Dude is now considered the darling of the Evangelicals, Tea Baggers, and the Far Right.  R.G. of the Chron, err Burkablog, today says Dude is on top these days and he’s out punking anybody that gets in his way:

There is no doubt now that the man you love to hate – Governor Rick Perry – will be the biggest winner of the 82nd Legislature.  Perry has gotten his way on almost every item on is legislative agenda and squeezed the state budget turnip until it bled. Perry is the flavor of the week nationally for the politicos and pundits looking for a candidate of principled policy and pizzazz to join the Republican presidential contest.

Guv Dude certainly loves getting the national run these days.  There is a downside though.  The more Dude gets put on the national stage, the bigger joke the Lone Star State becomes.  We’ll be come a caricature of sorts and it is going to be bad for business. 

These two MLB greats were both born 43 years ago today and combined for 970 career dingers and 3,233 career RBIs.  Who am I talking about?

In the end, I don’t think Dude will run for President.   Remember back in 1999 when a steady stream of GOP stalwarts made their way to the Governor’s Mansion to ask W to make the 2000 race?  I don’t think we’re going to see that with Dude.  There won’t be a bunch of GOP biggies trekking to Austin.  Instead, Dude will keep a close eye on Governor Palin’s tour that starts next week.  Palin will be a hit with her followers but won’t expand her base so later on this summer she will come up with an excuse for not to make the race.  Dude will also come down to Earth and realize that he’d get his arse handed to him by The President and will stick to making us miserable here in the Lone Star State.  Stay tuned!

I kind of messed up yesterday.  Commentary put out  Alyson Footnotes’ tunes for ‘Stros batters when they step up to the plate.  I said this:

Heck, I’ve never heard of most of the tunes or artists though that “Pledge Allegiance” tune is kind of cool.

The “Pledge’ is Brad Wallace’s tune and when he bats they just play a line or two.  I listened to the entire cut yesterday and it was laced with about a kazillion “N” words and a kazillion “B” bombs – yikes.  That “Pledge” tune definitely isn’t for me and it shouldn’t be for you.

MLB greats Jeff Bagwell (449 dingers, 1,529 RBIs) and Frank Thomas (512 dingers, 1,704 RBIs) of course combined for 970 dingers and 3,233 RBIs in their career.  Happy Birthday Baggy and The Big Hurt!

The D-Backs are in for three so it will be a nice way to spend the Memorial Day weekend.  Who knows?  We might win our third straight series!


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