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The headline story in today’s Chron is about the Port of Houston fixing to go under Sunset Commission Review.  The Dean led the charge on this move.   All the stuff that has been in the Chron and on the Channel 13 news led to getting the Port a Sunset Review invitation.   I hope that all folks involved remember that Port is a huge economic engine in these parts.  As the process moves forward let’s keep this in mind.  The last thing we need is for international shippers to start looking at other port alternatives and we lose business and jobs so let’s keep the future press releases and press conferences civil.  Stay tuned!   Check out the Chron story on the Port here.

I wonder what the over-under line in Vegas is for the Port CEO?

My pal Bill King has another take, err Op-Ed in today’s Chron on the City of H-Town finances.   Check it out.

‘Stros infielder Jeff Keppinger returns from the DL and will be suited up tomorrow at The Yard.  Keppinger led the team in batting average last season.  He hit .288.   What has been the lowest season batting average for a ‘Stros hitter that led the team in batting average?

Commentary just got this in from our SD 15 Chair:

Houston, Texas – Senate District 15 Chair Lane Lewis today announced his intention to run for Harris County Democratic Party Chair.  
"I am happy to announce today that I will be a candidate for Harris County Democratic Party Chair," said Lewis. 
"Our county party needs a renewed sense of purpose, a clear vision for 2012 and beyond, and a plan to win on Election Day. My experience and passion make me ready to take our party to the next level starting on day one. My desire for all of our candidates to be successful will guide my work each and every day."   
"Now is the time to be planning for 2012.  Now is the time to recruit great candidates.  Now is the time to organize and inspire our precincts.  Now is the time for Democrats to build an organization that is strong, capable, and worthy of Harris County.  I am the candidate that can make this vision a reality and take our party to the next level." 

I wonder what Lane has in mind in terms of engaging the Latino vote?

I wonder if the current Dem Chair is going to run again?

The opposition research folks didn’t waste any time getting to CEWDEM the one time GOP voting history of one of the City of H-Town At-Large 2 candidates.  I guess the games have begun.

According to ABC News and other news outlets, the bottom half of the 2004 Dem ticket is fixing to get indicted by the Feds – ouch!   He probably thought that song was about him.

Former ‘Stros center fielder Cesar Cedeno of course, hit .264 in 1971 to lead the team in batting average.    It is interesting in that Cedeno hit .320 in each of the next two seasons to lead the team. 

From the I know you are dying to find out about it department.  I borrowed Alyson Footnote’s piece on tunes that are played when ‘Stros batters come to the plate:

I’ve never paid much attention to what’s playing when Astros hitters approach the plate, but clearly, I’m in the minority.

Walkup music has always been a constant source of intrigue to the fan base, judging from the number of questions I receive weekly asking for a rundown of players’ preferred tunes.

Thanks to my friend Nunee Oakes, scoreboard assistant extraordinaire, we have that walkup music compiled in a nice, tidy list. Without further ado, here you go…

Clint Barmes:  In The Air Tonight by Nonpoint

Jason Bourgeois:  Say I Won’t by Propane; Trillionaire by Bun B and T-Pain; Lay Me Down by T.I.

Michael Bourn:    Get Your Shine On by Bridman & Lil Wayne

Matt Downs:           Wanna Be A Baller by Lil Troy

Bill Hall:                   All of The Lights by Rihanna and Kanye West; Grove St. Party by Waka Flocka Flame; Pressin’ Them Buttons by Paul Wall

Chris Johnson:      Blowin’ Money Fast by Rick Ross

Carlos Lee:              Stereo Love by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina; Que Buena Tu Ta by Fuego

Jason Michaels:   Here Me Now by Hollywood Undead; The Bleeding by Five Finger Death Punch

Hunter Pence:    Before I Forget by Slipknot; Coming Undone by Korn

J.R. Towles:         Down in Flames by Stoney LaRue

Brett Wallace:     Pledge Allegiance by T.I.


J.A. Happ:        Written in The Stars by Tinie Tempah

Bud Norris:      You’re Going Down by Sick Puppies

Brett Myers:     Miracle by Nonpoint; Forever by Kid Rock

Brandon Lyon: Dragula by Rob Zombie

Wandy Rodriguez:  TNT by AC/DC

Aneury Rodriguez:  Danza Kuduro by Don Omar

A few key, indisputable facts:
* If you don’t find a player/pitcher on this list, it likely means he doesn’t have a song preference.
* Some players change their walkup music semi-regularly, for variety or superstitious reasons.
* I’ve never heard of half of the songs, and have heard of even fewer of the artists who sing them.

Heck, I’ve never heard of most of the tunes or artists though that “Pledge Allegiance” tune is kind of cool.

It was a nice walk off win yesterday and pretty good pitching by the other Rodriguez.  We have the day off then host the D-Backs this weekend.


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