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If you are old school like Commentary, you got to read the hard copy of the Chron this morning.  The Chron’s Columnist is declaring the race for H-Town Mayor in 2011 (this November) is over.   His advice to wannabees is to don’t even bother to plunk down the filing fee.  Of course, The Mayor and her handlers probably aren’t thinking that yet.  Layoffs are happening and city services are being cut.  The Rebuild Houston bills are starting to land in mailboxes so you never know. 

In the race for H-Town City Council, At-Large 2, there are number of candidates in the race.  One candidate to keep an eye out on is the David Robinson fella.  His campaign sent out a press release yesterday.  His campaign contacts listed are my good pals Kathryn McNeil and Carolyn Campbell – both top flight campaign strategists.    They were both involved in last year’s Prop 1 campaign so the relationships they developed with the Prop 1 funders could come in handy.  Stay tuned!

From Ty Wiggontonner’s Brother up in Austin:

Led by the Dean of the Senate, the Senate voted to put the Port of Houston under review by the Sunset Commission.  Kudos to the Dean!

Speaking of, Rusty Hardin was named Acting CEO of the Port yesterday – sort of.

The Best Line of the Day goes to GOP Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman when asked to comment on the stuff that is going on at the Port:

“I’m almost afraid to comment because it might cause them to hire another lawyer.”

What happened in the MLB at old Forbes Field 76 years ago today?

You can go to Commentary’s Political Page  to get a list of the latest candidates for H-Town Mayor, City Council, and Controller.  I was at City Hall yesterday getting the latest list.  There are a handful that I haven’t listed because they just say that they are running for City Council and don’t write down the specific office….like Phillip Bryant, Hoc Nguyen, Laurie Robinson, and Scott Boates.

A judge threw out Paul Bettencourt’s lawsuit to void last year’s Prop 1 election.  It is back to the drawing board for Bettencourt as he tries to figure out his next move to mess with the H-Town Mayor.  Maybe he will help out this Dick fella who is running for At-Large 2 who put out this statement in a fundraising invite:

Though Houston needs dedicated monies for drainage, it was portrayed that the cost would be around a cup of coffee ($5) a month.  Residents of Houston are outraged at the cost for drainage.  In some areas Houstonians are taxed as high as $60 a month.  Where can you get a cup of coffee for $60?  At a fundraiser for Eric Dick for Houston City Council – At Large #2.  Eric Dick is demanding that Houston elected officials take a lesson from Dallas when assessing such drainage fee.

Of course, I don’t recall Dick being out on the stump campaigning against Prop 1 last fall.  It looks like he’s grabbing an issue to run on.

George Herman Ruth, Jr., better known as ‘Babe” or the “Bambino” or the “Sultan of Swat” hit dingers numero 712, 713 and 714 (his final career dingers) of course, 76 years ago today as a member of the Boston Braves in an 11-7 loss to the Pirates.

I don’t know about Bill Hall, the ‘Stros second baseman.  He flubbed what was supposed to be an inning ending grounder yesterday and the next batter up hit a grand salami and just like that we were down 5-0.  We tried to come back but just came up short by a run.  It will be a nine inning lunch break today at The Yard as we hope to win the series finale against the Dodgers.


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