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The soon-to-be owner of the ‘Stros met a few days ago with the NAACP to clear up some stuff from his past.  Check out the Chron story on the meeting.  I wonder if the soon-to-be owner of the ‘Stros knows that Latinos make up 43.8% of H-Town and Latinos would probably also like a meeting to clear up some stuff.  Stay tuned!

CEWDEM put out a couple of takes this past weekend on the City of H-Town Latino redistricting effort led by CM James Rodriguez and others. The takes sounded like it came from folks that always fight Latinos on redistricting when in fact they were from Dems.  Here is what they said:

I live in an ethically diverse neighborhood, friends with Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Mid-Eastern, and Anglos.  I am active with my neighbors.  We don’t need someone going to search for someone to be a council member for our district.


So Rodriguez and Gonzlaez, this rhetoric is divisive and insulting to Democrats in our neighborhood. It should be insulting to the folks you represent. Perhaps they should find a good Democratc to run who will represent all of the folks in District H and I.    We should elect a totally Democratic City Council regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation. and dial back rehetoric about race and advocate that Democrats are about good government.


Thanks for taking the time to post and to dare to go out there and say that an ethnic group can be effectively represented by someone other than ‘their own’. Doesn’t the election of our President prove that possible?

Sadly, these folks appear a little threatened and/or miss the point.   Let me remind them what The Mayor said in the Chron a little over a week ago:

"This is an opportunity. It’s not an answer.  If the Latino community gets together behind the right candidate, funds that candidate, assists that candidate in mobilizing voters, there’s no question in my mind that this district can elect a strong Latino leader to City Council to join those that we already have, but it’s not going to happen automatically."  

This is about Latino empowerment that all Dems should support so get over it!  Latino political empowerment is good for the Dem Party here in Harris County – period!  If we start electing Latinos to City Council representing parts of town where the Latino community is growing and if we have a Latino political infrastructure in place then maybe our Latino turnout numbers in even numbered November election years will start increasing.  Get on the program!

The LA Dodgers come to The Yard for a three game series that starts this evening.  Tonight’s game will be our 694th regular season meeting with the Dodgers in our franchise history.  We’re 314-379 against LA.  We’ve only had a winning record against them in one of the six past decades.  Name the decade?

Here is what my pal Robert Miller is saying about congressional redistricting:

Gov. Perry’s aides are telling legislators that a special session on congressional redistricting alone will not be called. Instead the federal courts will be allowed to draw the map. In the summer of 2003, Gov. Perry called three special sessions so that the legislature could draw congressional maps and replace a court drawn plan. The difference between the summer of 2003 and 2011? The Presidency. Team Perry wants everything wrapped up and the legislature gone by May 30; thereby eliminating legislative distractions this summer as Gov. Perry continues to blossom into a very viable possibility for the Republican presidential nomination.

Here is all of what Robert says.

My Best Friend’s kid, Matt Luna, is the star first baseman of HISD’s Lamar High.  This past Saturday night they reached the Regional Semifinals and will play Brazoswood later on this week.  Matt had a key two run double in a 3-0 win and according to his Mom Julie the win was a pretty cool BD present – Julie’s BD was Saturday.

Commentary’s Mom also celebrated her BD this past Saturday!

He is one smart Hoosier for sure!  Give Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels credit (or maybe give his family credit) for joining the ranks of those GOPers that don’t want to get their arses handed to them by The President next year.  RUN, DUDE, RUN!

Commentary checked out “Eat Pray Love” last night and I sure got hungry during her first destination.

In the 1990s of course the ‘Stros were 65-57 against the LA Dodgers.

We should have swept the Blue Jays but Clint Barmes let a groundball go through his legs Saturday afternoon and then the roof fell in.  At least we’re 5-1 all time against the Jays and 2-1 in interleague play.  Let’s hope for a winning home stand that begins tonight!


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