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The H-Town Mayor announced her proposed budget yesterday and a few hundred more layoffs are on the way.  She wants to close some community centers and swimming pools.  It looks like just about every part of town will take a hit.  I’m okay with that.

The Mayor says there is no sentiment on City Council to raise property taxes right now.  We just got hit with our Proposition 1, err Rebuild Houston fees.  I think that is enough of fee raising for now if you ask me.

I have to hand it to my HISD Trustee Anna Eastman (who is for sure the smartest HISD Trustee) for speaking out against creating new “career academies” a week or so after we closed four schools.  They may be a good idea but I don’t think we have the funds.  Here is what Anna said:

"We closed the doors of four schools last week. We have had to rif [reduction in force] hundreds of teachers.  We’re looking at proposing a pretty drastic change in our bell system to save money. … I think the planning and looking toward something like this in the future is a good idea but I have a real problem funding a $1.6 million increase to something right now when we still have a $59 million projected shortfall. I really struggle with my ability to go and possibly ask taxpayers to pay more tax and I think right now we need to be focused on either keeping stuff funded that we value and that we know works and implementing all these other new things that we’re trying to do like the literacy initiative, I really struggle with being able to support something like this right now."

Way to go Anna! 

Who holds the ‘Stros record for most innings pitched in a season?

Trustee Eastman is certainly paying attention to what is going on up in Austin and the expected $4 bil hit to ISDs across the Lone Star State.

Commentary watched Katie Couric’s final broadcast from the “CBS Evening News” desk yesterday.  I wish she hadn’t left but I hope she comes back to the tube soon.

Well it looks like we’re not going to create Texas A&M University at the O.K. Corral this session.  That’s a real good thing.

Milo Hamilton will make his way to Toronto today to make it 59 different ballparks where he has called an MLB game.  Way to go Milo!

Larry Dierker of course holds the ‘Stros record for innings pitched in a season with 305 and 1/3 in 1969.

Of course, most folks know that the only MLB team that we have never lost to is the Blue Jays.  We’re 3-0 against them as we swept them at The Yard back in June of 2005.   Maybe we will get to face former ‘Stros reliever Octavio Dotel and chat with Jays radio announcer Alan Ashby, another former ‘Stro.  Heck, maybe we can sweep them and keep our undefeated record against the Jays intact.  We need something to reverse the misery index!    


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