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Here is what H-Town CM James Rodriguez put out yesterday after City Council adopted the revised redistricting plan:

This morning the Houston City Council adopted a revised redistricting plan that incorporates the recommendations submitted by the Latino leadership on April 20.   The proposal provides an opportunity for the Latino community to gain representation on the Houston City Council.  I am proud that my office provided the leadership on this issue throughout this process.

I want to thank the Mayor and her staff for working with the Latino community leadership on this critical issue.  I want to thank the Latino leadership for stepping forward and making the case for a redistricting plan that is fair to all communities.   I also want to thank Dr. Laura Murillo and the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for facilitating the Latino leadership effort during the past month and a half.

You can go to Commentary’s website here and see the latest lineup of candidates:   www.camposcommunications.com/politicalpage.html .

At-Large 2 is getting a little crowded. 

Here is a Chron piece today on H-Town redistricting.

Here is from the Chron piece:

Councilman James Rodriguez said a "wanted" email has circulated among Hispanic leaders seeking the right person for the District J job.

Who holds the ‘Stros career postseason record for most postseason games played as a pitcher?

Guv Dude is getting a whole lot of “will he or won’t he” run in most of today’s fish wraps across the state.  Rush Limbaugh also gave him some run yesterday.  Dude is saying no but you know he has to love the run he’s getting.  A big difference between Dude in 2012 and W in 2000 is in 2000 W had everybody fooled that he was a “uniter and not a divider.”  W also had folks convinced that he woke up every morning and hugged a Latino. Dude has made it clear that he prefers the mightier sword over the pen.   He also loves a good game of kickball using paperless folks.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of, Dude suffered a setback of sorts yesterday as a Texas Senate committee couldn’t name any sanctuary cities.

You can go to The President’s campaign website and order a cool T-shirt with The President’s mug on the front on top of “Made in the USA” and his long form birth certificate on the back.

Brad “Lights Out” Lidge of course pitched in 17 post season games as a ‘Stro.

I really can’t say anything about sitting in front of the tube and watching the ‘Stros going through their misery other than to say that I get through my crosswords a lot quicker.  At least Brownie and J.D. make it sound less painful.


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