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This is a bit from today’s Texas Tribune:

RealClearPolitics reported that "a Texas pol who is close to Perry" has been telling strategists that the governor is waiting to be called on to run and that he could make a move by late summer. According to RCP, two other Perry associates have begun looking at Iowa, the first primary voting state.
Here is the entire piece.

That would be so sweet if Guv Dude got into the race for president. Unlike 2000 when W ran, in 2012 you would probably have every Dem legislator from the Lone Star State volunteering to go on Truth Squad tours s through battle ground state telling voters about Dude’s record.  All of the Lone Star State’s dirty underwear would be on display just like Dude did to the Former H-Town Mayor and the City of H-Town last year.    Guv Dude could finally get his mano-a-mano moment with The President and discuss more than just border security.    I think The President’s campaign would butcher Dude

A national debate on what is going on in Texas would be a positive dynamic that would work in favor of Dems in the U.S. Senate race.  A lot of the Dem base would turn out just to vote against Dude.  He would carry the Lone Star State but not by as much as he did last year against the Former H-Town Mayor.  Please Dude, get into the race.

Hall of Fame great Harmon Killebrew left us yesterday.  Killebrew ended his career with 573 dingers and in 11th place on the career dinger list.  Who is at #10 and at #12 on the career dinger list?

The Chron’s E-Board today endorsed the City of H-Town revised redistricting plan that City Council will consider today.  Check out the endorsement.

Pam-In-Charge got a little bit of run in the Chron’s Star Section today.  For now it is only in the hard copy.

Mark McGwire of course with 583 dingers is #10 on the career dinger list and Rafael Palmeiro of course with 569 dingers is #12 on the career dinger list – yikes!

Here is what Numero 45 said about yesterday’s loss:

“It just keeps happening and happening.  We just can’t get away from it.”

You can say that again and again and again!

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