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Here is what the soon-to-be new owner of the ‘Stros said yesterday:

“There’s only a certain amount of money you can spend.  I can guarantee the partners in this room will not be happy writing checks every year. We will spend every dollar wisely. We will appreciate every dollar spent here.  Our style will be smart. I think it starts with the draft. We want to make sure we’re building the team for the future. If you look at the model teams that have been successful for long periods of time, build it from the bottom. That will be the style when we start.”

In other words, don’t expect drastic changes in the form of spending sprees for free agents in the foreseeable future.  So the Drayton haters will just have to be patient and keep blaming Drayton for every error, strikeout, pop-up, ground out, and stale hot dog until the team starts playing above .500. 

Don’t expect ticket prices to come down because they already have a bunch of discounted tickets deals.  Don’t expect to be able to take your own grub into The Yard because nobody else in town lets you including Reliant Stadium, Toyota Center, and movie theaters.  Don’t expect to see the price of grub come down because again they have some tickets deals in place that include free or discounted grub and drinks.  

The focus is going to be getting the team to start playing above .500 so folks will start returning to The Yard.

Who has the only grand salami in ‘Stros post season play?

Handing out pink slips to a couple of hundred firefighters or so isn’t going to play well today.  I don’t care how you look at it.  I sure hope the firefighters and The Mayor reach an agreement.  If you have to close a few stations and mothball a few trucks, service is definitely going to take a hit.  I guess folks don’t have a choice or do they?

The Donald and Mike Huckabee aren’t dumbarses.  Sure The Donald at times acts like one but we all know that is just an act.   If you ask me they are pretty smart fellas.  The Donald figured out that his act probably couldn’t even get him the GOP nomination so why go through all the scrutiny.  Huckabee figured he might get the nomination but why give up his TV career knowing that The President would probably kick his arse.  Good move fellas!

The Big Puma of course hit a grand salami in the bottom of the eighth inning in Game 4 of 2005 NLDS against The ATL.

‘Stros batters struck out 15 times last night including three apiece by Brett Wallace and Bill Hall.   Maybe they were pressing too much as  they probably knew they were being watched by the soon-to-be new owner.



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