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This is from this past weekend’s Chron:

Drayton McLane will not leave the team on top, but only five clubs have posted more wins than the Astros during his 18-plus seasons owning the team.

It is being reported that a formal announcement will be made today at The Yard regarding my pal Drayton selling the ‘Stros. 

Saturday’s hard copy of the Chron had a story (can’t find it online) on the Harris County Attorney deciding to investigate Port Commission Chair Jim Edmonds and Port CEO Alec Dreyer after getting a request from Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman.  This comes a day after Port Commissioners Elyse Lanier and Janiece Longoria fired off a letter to Edmonds on alleged Port shenanigans.  Harris County Judge Ed Emmett doesn’t think the County Attorney should be meddling.  I don’t think the Judge is going to get far on this though as two Commissioners don’t seem to have a problem and I don’t think Commissioner Eversole will weigh in.  I’m sure it will get interesting in the days and weeks to come.  Stay tuned!

Since the Baseball Writers started handing out the MVP Award in 1931, name the only decade in which a Yankee didn’t win the award?

The H-Town City Council will take up redistricting this Wednesday.   Stay tuned!

Speaking of, I wonder if Dems ought to be bracing for the GOP drawn Congressional plan.  They say H-Town Latinos won’t get a second opportunity district.  Where does that leave the local Latino leadership? Stay tuned!

I will say this about the fella that wants to be the new owner of the ‘Stros.  It looks like he gives more campaign dough to Dems than to GOPers.  That’s a good thing.

The 1990s of course is the only decade in which a Yankee has not won an AL MVP Award.

The ‘Stros are on a 7 game road trip that will take them to The ATL, San Luis, and then Toronto as a muffed pop up by Numero 45 led to our demise yesterday.  We’re still in last place – drats!



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