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Commentary would sure not like to have Elyse Lanier on my arse.  She doesn’t let go.  In case you hadn’t heard, Port Commissioner Lanier and Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria sent Port Chair Jim Edmonds a letter criticizing the job performance of Port CEO Alec Dreyer.  Here is what Commissioner Lanier told the Chron after the letter was released:

"He (Dreyer) truly is not the right man for the job.  The last year and a half, it has been total chaos."


Apparently the Port CEO threw a party for a buddy on the Port’s boat, had the Port pay for the party, and then fixed with records.  The letter mentions conflicts of interest and ethics.  The two Commissioners also weren’t happy that Chair Edmonds had told Channel 13’s Wayne Dolcefino that an outside law firm would be hired to look into the mess.   They didn’t know about hiring an outside law firm and they don’t think a law firm should be hired.   They can handle it in-house they say.   Check out the Chron story on this.

It is interesting in that two powerful Harris County Commissioners – Radack and Morman – have weighed in and are standing behind the two Port Commissioners.  That’s not good for the Port CEO.

Commentary has said it before.  Do not underestimate my good friend Commissioner Janiece Longoria.  She is one of the sharpest, brightest, and toughest  leaders around.   I’m thinking that the Port CEO better line up some allies soon or else he’s a goner.

In the 1960s, Yankee greats scooped up the AL MVP Award four times.  Name the Yankee greats that took home the award?

Commentary thinks it is kind of silly for Dems to go after General Ric Sanchez when we haven’t even had a conversation with the fella.   Some Dem folks aren’t happy because he was handpicked.  Hey, at least he was handpicked by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.  They have a pretty good batting average if you ask me.  I’d be worried if he was handpicked by the folks that have been running the Lone Star State Dem Party. 

I also think it is kind of silly for folks trying to compare him with past candidates.  Unless you have a crystal ball, we don’t know how he will fare as a candidate.  A month or so ago when there wasn’t even a Dem U.S. Senate candidate in the mix, most folks were thinking the GOP would get a free pass.  Not anymore.  Let’s give General Sanchez the opportunity to make his case as a candidate before folks start dumping on him.

Yankee great Roger Maris (1960 & 1961), Mickey Mantle (1962), and Elston Howard (1963) of course were Yankee winners of the AL MVP Award in the 1960s.

Commentary and Dante will be sitting in my pal Drayton’s seats this Sunday so check us out on the tube if you can’t make it to The Yard. 

“Pink in the Park” will continue to be showcased this weekend with pink bags being handed out tonight and Chris Johnson bobble heads with a pink bat being given out Saturday.  Let’s hope that Hunter Pence’s hitting helps us make up some ground as we host the Mets. 



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