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Here in H-Town, we have control of the redistricting process thanks of course to The Mayor and the local Latino leadership.  Commentary saw the plan yesterday and it works for us.  Here is what CM James Rodriguez said yesterday:

I am proud to announce my support for the redistricting staff proposal that was presented today by Mayor Annise Parker.  I ask that Houston’s Latino leadership join me in endorsing the plan.  The proposal incorporates the recommendations submitted by the Latino leadership on April 20.   The proposal provides an opportunity for the Latino community to gain representation on the Houston City Council.

I urge Latino leaders to sign up and speak in support of the redistricting plan at the public session of tomorrow’s (Tuesday, May 10) Houston City Council meeting.  The public session begins at 1:30 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall.   You can sign up to speak by calling the City Secretary’s Office at 832-393-1100.

I want to thank the Mayor and her staff for working with the Latino community leadership on this critical issue.  I want to thank the Latino leadership for stepping forward and making the case for a redistricting plan that is fair to all communities.   I also want to thank Dr. Laura Murillo and the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for facilitating the Latino leadership effort during the past month and a half.

The Mayor will hold a press conference this morning at 10 am on the redistricting plan then you should be able to go to the city’s website to check it out.  All Dems should now step forward and support the plan.

Who holds the ‘Stros record for most games played as a rookie?

“Bad jokes, Lord, I love ’em.  Bad jokes, can’t get enough of ’em.  Ooowhee, bad jokes for me!”

I think Dusty and Lefty were talking about what is going on in Austin these days. 

I hope The President doesn’t pick up any of the state’s fish wraps while he’s town today.  He would probably think that we’re already on our way to secede. 

Hall of Fame great Joe Morgan of course played in 157 games for the ‘Stros back in 1965.

About the only thing positive from The Yard last night was a cool lid given to me by my pal VP Jamie.  It is a low profile lid that some of the players wear.  Jamie went down to the clubhouse and fetched it for me.   A low profile lid has a slightly shorter crown.  Meanwhile, Nelson Figueroa who started out in the pitching rotation has been sent packing so let’s hope more moves are on the way. 



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