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I guess the Star-Telegram still reads Commentary.  There is a story in today’s Star-Telegram about the not-so-welcome The President will get from the Lone Star State’s leadership when he comes to our state tomorrow.  Here is from the piece:

A Texas Democrat, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity in the state over the issue, says that with Gov. Rick Perry and every other GOP lawmaker slamming Obama at every turn, the state should not be surprised if it’s losing out. "We’ve done everything we possibly could to be offensive to the Obama administration," said the Democrat, a former Texas elected official.

Why be anonymous when you say this?  Commentary has been saying this time and time again like when we lost the shuttle a few weeks ago.  Then last week Guv Dude and the Lite Guv didn’t give The President the credit he deserves on taking down Bin Laden.  Then a bunch of GOP State House members removed their names from a resolution praising The President.  I don’t see why anyone should be afraid of pointing this out publicly. 
Check out the Star-Telegram story here.

Today The H-Town Mayor will lay out the redistricting plan she will put on this week’s City Council agenda.  Council could act on the plan as early as Wednesday but in all likelihood it will be tagged.  Stay tuned!

What two MLB teams were involved in the highest scoring game in MLB history?

Last night’s “60 Minutes” interview with The President was as good as you can get.   Way to go Mr. President! 

You knew sooner or later it was going to happen.  I’m talking about photo shopping the Situation Room Photo.  There is one of The Situation in the Situation Room.  There is one with the Raptor from “Jurassic Park”.  
Check them out.

On another website there is one with The President dressed in Lollipop Guild gear.

I didn’t have a problem with folks laying down as background music Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” when they were showing Bin Laden watching himself on the tube or watching Bin Laden slapping on the Just for Men.

The Cubbies beat the Phillies of course on August 25, 1922 by a score of 26-23 for a total of 49 runs that were scored. 

About the only good thing to look forward to during the upcoming 6-game home stand that begins tonight at The Yard is the “Pink in the Park” tribute to breast cancer awareness.  There ought to be plenty of pink to check out.    Meanwhile, our relief pitching stinks, stinks, stinks……



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