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Earlier this week the Texas House of Representatives passed a resolution praising The President for his handling of the Bin Laden take down.  After the resolution was read, a GOP legislator made a motion to add every member’s name to the resolution and nobody objected.   It turns out some GOPers did object and went back and asked that they be recorded as a no vote.   Now that’s what you call a bunch of chumps.   We got the world’s most wanted terrorist and these GOPers are playing petty politics.  There is nothing The President can ever do that would get a “way to go” from these chumps.   The President could announce tomorrow that the cure for a major disease has been discovered and these folks would still not give him praise.  I’d be ashamed if these folks were representing me.

I’m betting that if The White House would send over to these GOP chumps a copy of the now famous Situation Room Photo signed by all in the photo, they would probably throw it in the can or secretly put it on ebay for sale.

OK, you get what’s going on.  Many on the far right have been going after The President from Day 1.  They have viciously attacked him on the stimulus.  They have viciously slammed him on health care.  They have viciously attacked him on how he saved General Motors.  They have viciously attacked him on how he took on the credit card companies.  The underlying theme they push that nobody talks about openly is a “Black guy can’t run the federal government.”   Today they are in denial.  Get over it!

Who holds the record for most career hits in MLB All Star Games?

Meanwhile, The President is coming to the Lone Star State next Tuesday so expect a heavy dose of disrespect from our state’s leaders. 

Speaking of, the woman in the Situation Room Photo not named Madame Secretary is getting a lot of internet hits.  Who is Audrey Tomason?

Hall of Fame great Willie May of course had 23 career hits in All Star Games.  The Say Hey Kid is celebrating his 80th BD today!

The ‘Stros visit PNC Park to take on the Pirates this weekend.  Hey fellas, let’s start winning some games!



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