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Commentary wanted to see the photos of Bin Laden but The President said no way.  I’m OK with that.  He knows more about this than I do. 

CEWDEM distributed a take from a Lone Star State Dem Party Chair candidate on how to get the Latino voter to the polls ….. blah, blah, blah, blah. 

Latinos vote if they have a reason to vote.  In 2008, they turned out big time during the presidential primary here because America was watching and America started talking about the Latino vote here in the Lone Star State.  They are not going to turn out if Dems talk about getting tough on border security because they know who you are talking about.  To me that is disrespectful.  That is also falling into the trap set by the GOP.  We’re not an ignorant community.  How do you explain the fact that the 10 pm local Univision newscast here in H-Town is often the most watched of all local newscasts?  How do you explain the fact that one of the highest rated drive time morning radio shows is a Spanish language program?  We pay attention to what is going on.

In 2009, the major candidates for H-Town mayor didn’t spend a whole lot of time engaging the Latino voter and guess what?  They stayed home.

The problem is the Lone Star State Democratic Party and the Harris County Democratic Party isn’t having a conversation with the Latino community and when they do, they often show disrespect or talk down to Latinos.  Commentary mentioned yesterday the GOP fella that is running for Harris County sheriff.  It looks like he is going to run as a Joe Arpaio lookalike.  They are setting a trap for Dems.  If Dems respond by saying we can be just as tough on paperless folks, then the local Latino voter is going to get the message and stay home and the local Dems could be losers.  Think about that and stay tuned!

This ‘Stro hit his first career dinger which was also a grand salami on Cinco de Mayo a few years ago.  Who am I talking about?

On Chron.com there is a piece about a candidate for H-Town City Council, District C.  He wants the current CM from District C, my pal Anne Clutterbuck, to surrender her list of civic club contacts.   Check out the story.  I don’t think the candidate is paying too much attention to redistricting because District C is not going to look like District C after all is said and done.

Hunter Pence of course hit his first career dinger – a grand salami- on Cinco de Mayo, 2007 in San Luis.

Brandon Lyon blew another save yesterday and now he’s on his way back to H-Town to get his shoulder checked on.    We wrap up the Cincy series this afternoon. 


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