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I would want to think that if Bin Laden was taken out on January 19, 2009, we would all be high fiving and give some congrats to 43.  I would hope that partisanship would take the day off.   The Lite Guv put out a statement yesterday and thanked 43 and The President and in that order.  Come on!   43 was probably asleep when he got the call from The President Sunday night about 30 minutes before the rest of the world knew.  Like I said yesterday, 43 should get a mention but shouldn’t be the first to get kudos. 

Guv Dude showed a complete lack of class when he didn’t give The President a mention in his statement.  Heck, even Little Dick Cheney came out and gave The President a shout out.

Yesterday was a day for all of us to give each other a high five and thank the folks that put together one of the most successful missions in the history of the U.S. of A.  – from The President, to the SEALs, to the intelligence officers, and all the others that were in the loop.  Yesterday was a day to put partisanship on the back burner.

It’s too bad the Guv Dude and the Lite Guv decided to act like chicken s__ts.

On showing the photos of a dead Bin Laden, I think we need to see them.  Show me the pictures!

In 2005, this MLBer was drafted in the First Round of the MLB Amateur Player Draft along with Ryan Braun, Ryan Zimmerman, Justin Upton, and Troy Tulowitzki.  This September 11 he will be celebrating his 28th BD visiting the Tampa Bay Rays.  He’s an outfielder so who I am I talking about?

Speaking of BDs, H-Town CM James Rodriguez will be celebrating his tonight at Leon’s Lounge in Midtown at 1006 McGowen from 5:30 pm to 7 pm.

Commentary ran into CM Jolanda Jones yesterday and she had on a cool shirt and cap to commemorate Bin Laden’s passing.  I don’t think Guv Dude or the Lite Guv would ever man-up and wear the gear.

Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury of course was born on September 11, 1983.

Last night the ‘Stros were rained out so they will try again this evening. 



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