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Well what do you know!  According to today’s Star-Telegram, the Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee says there will be a competitive U.S. Senate race next year here in the Lone Star State.  We just don’t have a Dem candidate yet.  Here is the story:

WASHINGTON — In the latest twist in the U.S. Senate race in Texas, Sen. Patty Murray of Washington state, chairwoman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, made the surprising announcement Thursday that Texas will be one of the party’s "six in 12" — six target states with GOP seats up in 2012.

There’s at least one holdup with those plans: No well-known Democrat has publicly shown interest in making the race in Texas, where Republicans hold every statewide office.

Asked by the Star-Telegram why she is optimistic about Texas, Murray answered with "a two-word response: changing demographics." Asked about a candidate, Murray said: "Yes, we’re talking to someone. I expect to see something very soon."

Austin political consultant Bill Miller, when told of Murray’s statement, made an odd noise. Asked whether he was laughing, he said: "I’m snorting. It doesn’t rise to the level of humor."

Miller, who has clients from both parties, said that Texas is "so red" and that no Democrat had won statewide in almost 20 years.

"It would probably be a good idea if the candidate was announced to the public because nobody knows who it is," Miller said. "Nobody’s kicking any names around."

The race to succeed retiring senior Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, has generated enormous interest among Republicans with a multitude of potential candidates, including Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams, former Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert and San Antonio lawyer Ted Cruz.

Although the state has a greatly increased Hispanic population, contributing to four new congressional seats as a result of redistricting, Texas Democrats are not optimistic about statewide races.

Murray, though, said that she had seen a national shift, even since she assumed her campaign duties in November. "I am seeing a changing landscape that is trending in our direction," she said.

Murray said Democrats will defend seats in 23 states in 2012 but said, "I am aggressively going after Republican seats."

The six target states with GOP-held seats are Massachusetts, Nevada, Indiana, Maine, Arizona and Texas. While there are candidates in most of the states, she said, two were waiting to announce. "We’re going to have races very soon in Indiana and Texas," she said.

Murray said "bloody" Republican primary fights because of Tea Party candidates and public backlash against budget cuts are helping Democrats.

Murray said that at first she was dubious about finding someone to run for Senate. But she added, "I have been overwhelmed by the number of great candidates out there."

Of course, the first thing the unannounced or unidentified candidate better do once he or she becomes known is to embrace the growing Latino community and our issues.  If he or she runs to the border and shouts “more border security, more border security” he or she can forget about winning.  He or she better stand with The DREAMERS and get our folks enthused.  For Dems, let the waiting begin.  Show me our candidate!

Only three times in ‘Stros history has a player played the same position in all 162 games.  Name the three players.

Latino leaders met yesterday to plot strategy on City of Houston redistricting.  Maps were discussed and it looks like we will reconvene on Monday for more discussions so you better stay tuned.  Meanwhile on Chron.com, the local chairs of the GOP and Dem parties weighed in on H-Town redistricting.  Here is what they said:

Jared Woodfill, Harris County Republican chairman, said:  "They’ve drawn the new districts in a heavily partisan manner to minimize Republican strength and maximize the Democrats.  It’s clearly unfair."

Of course, Jared never attended any of the town hall meetings.

Here is from Harris County Democratic Party chairman Gerry Birnberg on a plan to provide greater power to Latino voters: “I’m not sure that I could have come up with anything better."

Oh yeah!   Of course, Gerry didn’t go to any of the meetings either.

According to the D.C. bureau of Chron.com, someone in our nation’s capitol is riding around with Lone Star State plates with the following on their plates:  WTF 44.   I don’t have a problem with that.  Of course if someone a few years ago would have ordered WTF 43, Guv Dude and the Lite Guv would have gone bonkers if you ask me.

The Roundtable showed up at The Yard last night and sent me the following:  Tonight the crowd at Minute Maid was so small, the Goya Shuffle only had two cans of beans.  Ouch!

Billy Doran of course played all 162 games at second base in 1987.  Jeff Bagwell of course played all 162 games at first base in 1996.  B-G-O of course also played all 162 at second base in 1996.

Commentary, MariGirl, and Ashley sat in Pam-In-Charge’s seats yesterday and saw plenty of ball action.  Commentary slapped down a foul ball that skipped toward me and ended up at Ashley’s feet.  MariGirl had one tossed to her by Brett Wallace (that she gave to J. Dominic) and another from Q that she kept.  Numero 45 also tossed one to Ashley.  Four balls is a nice haul if you ask me.  The game was also a good one as we pulled out a 1-0 squeaker.  Tonight is Jackie Robinson Night as we play the Padres again.


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Yesterday the GOP Chair of the Texas State House Redistricting Committee laid out his map yesterday and Harris County is missing a state rep district.   It looks like most of the local Dem House districts have a different look.   At first glance, it looks like the Heights is in three or maybe four house districts.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, at yesterday’s City of H-Town Redistricting hearing, the City Attorney wanted CM Jones to define powwow – huh!  Commentary spent some time yesterday afternoon working with the City’s redistricting gizmo.   Some Latino leaders will get together today to look at maps and see where we go.  Also stay tuned!

How many inside-the-park dingers have ever been hit at The Yard?

I have to hand it to CM James Rodriguez.  He was the first to point out the problemos with the proposed City of H-Town Redistricting Plan and got most of the local Latino leadership stirred up.  He was also the first to point out that the proposed District J would elect an “Anglo progressive.”  Now everyone is using that term.  In fact yesterday, CM Bradford requested a legal definition of “progressive district.”

In the movie “Armageddon” that came out in 1998, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck ride the space shuttles and destroy a humongous asteroid that is heading to splatter the Earth.  Maybe we ought to ask the folks over at Touchstone Pictures if they can let us have the shuttle model that they used during the filming, as sort of a consolation prize. 

Four inside-the-park dingers of course have been hit at The Yard since it opened in 2000.    Adam Everett hit one for the ‘Stros in 2003.  Willie Bloomquist of Seattle hit one in 2007.  Geovany Soto of the Cubbies hit one in 2008.  Freddy Sanchez of the Pirates also hit one in 2008.

Last night at The Yard we had cool weather, open roof, not enough runs, and a lousy pitching performance by Wandy.  We are definitely struggling as the Padres come in for four starting tonight.



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The headline in the hard copy of the Chron says it best:  ONE GIANT SNUB FOR HOUSTON.

Here is what my pal Bob Stein from Rice says in the Chron:  Many Republicans in the Texas delegation are ideologues and they can’t see any way to make a deal. That hurts the state when it comes to decisions like this."

Commentary kind of predicted this and why.  I think we need to put some blame on the GOP leadership here in the Lone Star State and H-Town.  They need to start showing a little respect for The President and The White House.

Hey, don’t worry though.  I talked to Pam-In-Charge at The Yard last night and she says that we will still be able to call the team the ‘Stros.

The City of H-Town Redistricting process continues this morning with a hearing at City Hall.  It looks like Latinos will be there in full force.  Some key Latino leaders met yesterday to plot their next moves so you better stay tuned!

How many times has a ‘Stros skipper been named the NL Manager of the Year?

Hunter Pence is celebrating his 28th BD today.  Hunter went 3 for 5 with 4 RBIs last night so Happy Birthday Hunter!

Last night, Pam-In-Charge also handed off to me a copy of this year’s Media Guide which is a must for all serious fans.  It has a lot of cool stuff and is always on Commentary’s desk.

Three skippers of course have won the NL Manager of the Year:  Bill Virdon (1980), Hal Lanier (1986), and Larry Dierker (1998).

Last night at The Yard was the place to be.  Cool weather, open roof, tons of runs, and a good pitching performance by our ace Brett Meyers.  We put it on the Cubbies so try heading out there tonight!



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Welcome to the party!  A group called the Greater Houston Civic Coalition is a Latino driven organization that is working to oppose the proposed City of H-Town redistricting plan because it doesn’t address increased Latino political representation at City Hall.  Commentary isn’t part of the group but I certainly welcome their participation.  There is a lot of buzz out there in the Latino community about the proposed plan. For a while I thought that there were only a few of us that had concerns.   The Coalition has plans for a press conference and I’m sure they will attend tomorrow’s hearing at 9 am at City Hall.  Stay tuned!

Here is from Jason Embry at the Austin American Statesman:

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie announced over the weekend that he would not run for re-election next year. One name that has quickly emerged to replace him is Gilberto Hinojosa, a longtime officeholder in Cameron County (he’s been a county judge, a district judge and an appeals judge) who is now the county’s Democratic chairman. He is also on the executive committee of the Democratic National Committee.

In a phone call Monday night, Hinojosa said he is likely to file his running-for-chairman paperwork in the next couple of days. And he talked a great deal about wanting to do more to mobilize the party’s base — particularly Hispanic voters. He said one reason Democrats have had more success in states such as Nevada, Colorado and California is because they have done a better job in those states of mobilizing Hispanic voters.

Hinojosa suggested that trying to turn out the Democratic base would be a more fruitful exercise than what many statewide candidates have focused on, unsuccessfully, in recent elections — turning out independent voters.

“We’re not going to give away any constituent group to the Republicans,” Hinojosa said. “But you’ve got to focus on your base before anything else.”

Numerous Democratic sources have also said state Rep. Richard Pena Raymond is considering making a bid for state chairman. Raymond did not respond to a message left with his staff Monday.

Well at the least the right things are being said about the Dem Party neglecting the Latino vote.

The Cubbies are in town and of course everyone knows that they haven’t won a World Serious since 1908.  How long has it been since the Cubbies were in the World Serious and how did they do? 

We ought to know later on today if H-Town gets a retired space shuttle.  I’d be surprised if we get it because the Lone Star State doesn’t give any love to The President.  Even if we were to get one of the shuttles, do you actually think that Guv Dude, Hutch, Cornyn, or the Lite Guv would send The President a thank you note? Nope!

Here is from Chron .Com:

"If Texas does not get a orbiter, this is a less-than-subtle message from the White House that politics matters more than history," grumbled an aide to one Texas lawmaker, who is not authorized to speak on the record.

The Chronicle’s SciGuy, Eric Berger, has made his predictions.

— Smithsonian Institution’s Udvar-Hazy Center (Chantilly, Va.): Discovery
— National Museum of the United States Air Force (Dayton, Ohio): Atlantis
— Kennedy Space Center (Florida): Endeavour
— Museum of Flight (Seattle): Enterprise (from the Smithsonian)

The Civil War started 150 years ago today and the Lone Star State is still part of the Union.

In 1945 of course the Tigers took the Cubbies in seven games.

There were a whole lot of empty seats last night and the ‘Stros continue to struggle.  It is kind of like the same old story of not getting the clutch hit with runners in scoring position.  It happened again last night.   Oh well! 



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Commentary is not going to say anything about the Lone Star State Dem Party Chair that won’t run again.  I will say that if the same folks that run the Dem Party continue to pick our next Chair, then I don’t expect much in terms of an H-Town area Latino voter engagement strategy. 

The City of H-Town redistricting process continues this week with a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, at 9 am, at City Hall.  The opposition to the proposed plan is picking up steam in the Latino community.  I expect a lot of folks to attend Wednesday’s hearing. 

Man-Roid decided to hang up his cleats after learning he would be suspended for 100 games – yikes!

The San Diego Padres visit The Yard for four this Thursday. When was the last time a Padre won the NL MVP Award?

The Texas State Senate might pass a bill that will let one pack heat on college campuses.  You gotta be kidding!   Most university presidents oppose, but what do they know says the state senators in support of the bill. 

Some Dems aren’t happy at the deal that was struck to avert a federal government shutdown.  Nobody should be happy but that’s the best we can do given the circumstances.

Today is April 11, 2011 and we still don’t have any official GOP candidates for president.

In 1996, the late Ken Caminiti of course won the MVP Award as a Padre by batting .326, hitting 40 dingers, and having 130 RBIs.

After the first nine games or so, Albert Pujols is batting .143, The Big Puma is batting .214, and Numero 45 is batting .200.

Friday was a sellout at The Yard but there were a whole lot of empty seats Saturday and yesterday.  I’m thinking that even with the Cubbies coming in for three this week beginning tonight, the bathroom lines won’t be that long.  Folks don’t believe I guess.  I still believe!


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Commentary is thinking that maybe the Harris County Dem State Senators are suffering from PPTSD.  The shellacking Dems are taking up at the Lone Star State Capitol is taking a toll on some if you ask me.  How else do you explain them following GOP State Senator Dan Patrick in undoing the Rebuild Houston election results that H-Town voted on last November.  Here is from today’s Chron:

On Thursday, by a 30-1 vote, the Senate approved a bill introduced by Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, that exempts schools, churches, nonprofits and entities that can impose taxes. The bill next goes to the House.

Patrick said the key thing about the vote is that it had support from all six Houston senators – three Democrats and three Republicans.

"This is a nonpartisan issue," he said. "This is six senators from both parties that believe the schools, churches and nonprofits never should have been part of this to begin with."

I don’t know about that.  I think it might be time to call in the evacuation choppers and get the Dem senators some R&R. 

Here is more from the Chron:

Asked why he voted against the Houston drainage fee bill, Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, said it was a local issue for Houston.

“Here you had, in Houston, petitions signed by the appropriate number of voters in Houston asking for a referendum. You had a public vote in Houston, and the voters of Houston passed this referendum. And the people who lost didn’t like the outcome, so instead of going to the City Council of Houston and trying to get it fixed, they drove up here to Austin to ask the Legislature to overturn a legal petition and referendum and election in Houston.”

Wentworth said he also opposed it in committee.

“Essentially we’d be overturning an election . They weren’t challenging the legality of the election or the number of signatures or anything like that, they were just saying, ‘Well, we didn’t know that it did all this stuff.’

“Well, I said, you know we just had a state representative from Travis Country reelected by four votes and the loser came up here and made a big deal and they said sorry, you lost the election. And these losers came up and said to the Legislature we want you to overturn the results. I just felt that was not the fair or right thing to do.”

What in the world are the Dems doing following Patrick?   We have completely aired out this issue here in H-Town.  I’d like for them to put out a press release ‘splaining why they think they know more about fixing drainage and flooding than the voters and the H-Town City Council.

Robert Redford threw out the first pitch on Opening Day at Wrigley last week.  Redford played Roy Hobbs in “The Natural” in 1984.  What was the name of his bat?

Bonus:  What “first” happened in MLB 36 years ago today?

Back by popular demand I guess, the ‘Stros website is running Commentary’s Opening Days piece today.   Check it out.

Here is what CM Ed Gonzalez has to say about the City of H-Town’s proposed redistricting plan:

My hope was that the population growth of Latinos would be adequately reflected in the drawing of the two new Council Districts. I am concerned that neither of the two new districts has been drawn to consist of a majority Latino population. While I appreciate the efforts to strengthen the minority percentages of the current districts, the proposed plan simply falls short of enhancing Latino representation on City Council.

Here is a bit from Greg’sOpinion:

The sum total of this breakdown is that you have two Hispanic opportunity districts, but two that contain illusory “opportunities” for Hispanic voters.

Wonderboy of course was the name of Roy Hobbs’ bat.

Frank Robinson of course turned in the line-up card of the Cleveland Indians as the first African American skipper of a MLB team on April 8, 1975.

We finally got our first win yesterday and Numero 45 already has two triples – yikes!

Commentary and my dearest buddy Bethany Arnold will attend the home opener this afternoon.  We start out the ten game homestand with three against the Fish, the three with the Cubbies, then four with the Padres.  New grub, El Grande, better Wi-Fi, and maybe some better scoreboard results – PLAY BALL!


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Here is what H-Town James Rodriguez put out yesterday to the Latino community leadership on the proposed City of Houston 2011 Redistricting Plan:

This morning the administration unveiled the Proposed Redistricting Plan for the City of Houston and I regret to say that it is a plan that Latino leaders, activists and the overall Latino community should not support.   I want to thank the Mayor and her staff for the time and effort they put in to the redistricting process.  While I support the redrawn District I and will defer to my colleague Ed Gonzalez on his position on the redrawn District H, I cannot support other aspects of the plan because it does not provide the Latino community with the opportunity to increase Latino representation on city council.

There are currently two Latinos that are elected to City Council out of the nine council districts.  Under the proposed plan for eleven city council districts, it is likely that only two Latinos would get elected.  This is not acceptable.

The two new districts that were created, Districts J and K, will likely elect an Anglo progressive and an African American.

According to the 2010 Census, of the current nine council districts, four have a Latino majority population:  District A (52%), District F (56%), District H (63%), and District I (74%).  During the City of Houston Redistricting Town Hall Meetings that were conducted throughout the city last month, Latino leaders called for a plan that created opportunities for increased Latino representation on city council.   Districts H and I are represented by Latinos.  The proposed plan has following Latino populations in the districts mentioned:  District A (56%), District F (55%), District H (71%), and District I (77%).  The proposed plan does not present the Latino community with the opportunity to increase our representation on city council any time soon.

Here are some questions that I presented to the Mayor and the administration this morning:

“I attended a couple of the town hall meetings and heard the voices of Latino leaders calling for more Latino representation on City Council.  It is my understanding that Latinos were also present at all the other town hall meetings and spoke for more representation.  Latinos are the fastest growing community in Houston and are the largest population group at 43.8%.  The expectation among Latino leaders and activists is that at least one of the new districts should be a Latino district.  This plan at first glance, doesn’t appear to satisfy the concerns of the Latino leaders and activists.  I don’t think we will find much support for this plan among Latino leaders and activists.  Can you respond?”

“As I stated earlier, I don’t think this plan will garner much support among Latino leaders or activists.  In looking at the map, I see a big line being drawn down Studewood in the Heights, one of the city’s most vocal neighborhoods, so you have set a precedent of sorts in splitting up a neighborhood.  Can any of the districts in your plan be surgically tweaked to make it a Latino opportunity district, even at the expense of splitting neighborhoods?” 

“In looking at the map, one of the new districts is poised to elect an African American – I don’t have a problem with that.  The other is poised to elect an Anglo – an Anglo Democrat or Anglo progressive – again I don’t have a problem with that.  But can you see the frustration on the faces of Latino leaders and activists when they look at the proposed map and they see a current two out of nine districts is now two out of eleven.  Where are the Latino gains in this map?”

In addition, my colleague Jarvis Johnson asked the following question:

“How can we justify the creation of a new Anglo majority population district, when the population growth of the city has been in the Latino, African American, and Asian American communities?”

In the coming days I will be working with the administration to see if our concerns and issues can be satisfactorily resolved.  In the meantime, I urge you to go to the city’s website at Redistricting 2011 and review the proposed plan.  In addition I ask that you attend the following hearings at City Hall:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
City Hall, 901 Bagby
2nd Floor, Council Chambers
9:00 a.m.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
City Hall, 901 Bagby
2nd Floor, Council Chambers
9:00 a.m.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
City Hall, 901 Bagby
2nd Floor, Council Chambers
7:00 p.m.

Thank You.

Way to go James!

Here are some tidbits from yesterday’s redistricting presentation.  Under the proposed plan, Denver Harbor, Fifth Ward, and Third Ward are reunited and placed in Districts H, B, and D respectively.  The Greater Heights neighborhood that wanted to stay with the Greater Heights didn’t.  The Greater Heights got split down Studewood sort of.  Under the proposed plan, Commentary is now in J.   District E still has Kingwood and Clear Lake. 

Here is what the Chron reported on the redistricting plan.

Stay tuned!

How many MLB teams have never retired a player’s jersey and don’t listen to Edgar when he says every MLB team has retired Jackie Robinson’s number 42? 

The good news for Dems is in the latest NBC poll on GOP presidential pretenders, Donald Trump is running second.  This morning on the “Today Show”, Bill Cosby called Trump out.  Cosby said “he’s full of it”, “run or shut up”, and “he’s running his mouth.”  Ouch!

Commentary forgot to mention some of what the Chron E-Board said yesterday about GOP County Commissioner Jerry Eveersole and his trial:

Based on the evidence presented in the trial, we believe Commissioner Eversole is unfit for office and should resign, whether or not a future jury finds him guilty of criminal acts.

Take that!

Here is all of what the Chron E-Board said.

Congrats to all of us for finally getting Rebuild Houston implemented.

Here is a piece from yesterday’s Chron involving my good friend Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria:

In an effort to distance itself from the strife in Libya, the Port of Houston Authority on Tuesday terminated an agreement to advise the North African nation on modernizing its ports.

In voting during their monthly board meeting to end the pact, some Port Authority commissioners said they didn’t know about the deal until after it was done.

"It was signed in February 2010 without board approval," said Commissioner Janiece Longoria, who introduced the motion to abolish the memorandum of agreement with Libya.

Nice job Janiece!

The Blue Jays, Mariners, Marlins, and Rockies of course have not retired players’ jerseys.

I left to go to a Downtown reception yesterday evening with the ‘Stros leading 4-1.  After the event, I got in my car and we were down 10-4.  We’re oh no and five just like the Rays and the Red Sox.  I don’t know what to say!


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The City of H-Town is prepared to take a major step today if it votes to implement Rebuild Houston.  We can finally end the days of kicking the can down the road.  We can finally get serious about taking on flooding.  We had an election on this, so let’s finally settle this today!  Stay tuned!

Noted H-Town engineer Jeff Ross showed up at the H-Town City Council meeting yesterday to support Rebuild Houston.  Jeff talked about flooding and mentioned the only ‘Stros game in Astrodome history that was rained out due to flooding.  Jeff said he had tickets to the game.  Here is from the Chron’s Ken Hoffman on the 1976 rainout:

OK, Mike Acosta (‘Stros Authentication Director), tell me about the weirdest day in Astros history — when a home game at the Astrodome was rained out. It’s always mentioned in baseball trivia books. But tell me how it’s possible for a game in a domed stadium to be washed out.

“That’s one of my favorite stories, too,” Acosta said. “It happened on Tuesday, June 15, 1976, so its anniversary is this week. The Astros were supposed to play the Pittsburgh Pirates with a 7:35 p.m. start. The night before was very uneventful. The Pirates beat the Astros 2-1, with Jerry Reuss the winning pitcher. Al Oliver hit a home run in the fourth inning off our starter J.R. Richard.

“But the next morning, it started raining. …”

And wouldn’t stop.

“It was like a tropical storm. It was raining hard, and it just kept coming down,” Acosta said. “It got to the point where the streets around the Astrodome were flooded and impassable. Fans couldn’t get to the stadium. Neither could Astrodome workers. Remember, the Astrodome floor was 45 feet below ground level. So the lower ramps and entries were flooded, too.

“Both teams were here. Players started arriving around 1 p.m., when it was still possible to get to the stadium. They had to be dressed by 3 or 3:30 p.m. The Pirates team bus made it through, as did the Astros coming by themselves.”

Around 5 p.m., with rain still pouring down and no letup in sight, Astros officials asked the umpires to call off the game. Security, concession workers and fans couldn’t get to the stadium. Even though the game could have been played — both teams were there, and the field was dry — the umpires agreed and the game was postponed … on account of rain.

Astros called all the media outlets. It was the lead story on the 5 and 6 p.m. TV news.

“Concession workers set up a buffet and tables behind second base, and both teams ate dinner on the field together. The players were in their uniforms, but some of them were wearing shower flip-flops on their feet. The Astrodome staff ate with the players, too,” Acosta said.

A few of the Astros, including Larry Dierker, finished dinner and decided to climb to the top of the Dome and crawl on the catwalk.

The Astros offered refunds or said that fans could exchange their tickets for another game. Although the Pirates were coming back to Houston in August, the rained-out game was made up as part of a doubleheader in Pittsburgh in July.

Ironically, a new roof was built on the Astrodome before the start of the 1976 season. The old roof had sprung some leaks. The new roof was rain-proof. And still a game was rained out.

Tickets for Astros games in 1976 ranged from $1.50 for pavilion seats to $4.50 for field boxes.

There was something unusual about Astros tickets in the old days. Because the Astros were the only team to play under a roof, their tickets were missing something that appeared on every other team’s tickets.

Rain checks.

Commentary remembers that night.  I was holed up at the Rice Hotel on the eve of the Lone Star State Democratic Party State Convention.  That’s when the deals were cut with my good friend State Party Chair Calvin Guest (who is no longer with us) on DNC slots for Latinos and African Americans. 

Hey, if you got a rainout in an indoor facility, you know we have a flooding problem! 

Commentary has heard bits and pieces about the City of H-Town City Council Redistricting plan that will be unveiled this morning by the Mayor.  Some folks will be happy and some folks will be upset.  Predicted reactions from throughout the city will come in the form of  “oohs”, “ahhs”,  “ouches”, “yikes” , “ugly”, “sweet”, “drats”, and “screwed!”

CM Jones was a little upset yesterday.  She apparently hasn’t been shown the proposed redistricting maps.  Show her the maps!

From my pal Edgar on the question yesterday on retired MLB jerseys:  In the MLB, what jersey number has been retired the most by teams? Technically speaking, it is also Jackie Robinson’s 42, which has been retired by all teams! 

Picky, picky!

Eight former MLBers have had their jersey numbers retired by two different teams. One former MLBer has had his jersey number retired by three different teams.  Name the nine players. (I don’t want Edgar to chime in Jackie Robinson’s numero 42 has been retired by 30 different MLB teams.)

Commentary is trying to figure out what a federal government shutdown looks like this Friday.  Will I get my mail on Saturday?  Will the ‘Stros home opener against the Fish still be played this Friday?  Do I still have to abstain from meat this Friday and is the Lenten season also called off?  Stay tuned!

Hank Aaron of course had his numero 44 retired by the Braves and Brewers.

Rod Carew of course had his numero 29 retried by the Twins and Angels.

Rollie Fingers of course had his numero 34 retired by the A’s and Brewers.

Carlton Fisk of course had his numero 27 retired by the Red Sox and his numero 72 retired by the White Sox.

Reggie Jackson of course had his numero 9 retired by the A’s and his numero 44 retired by the Yankees.

Greg Maddox had his numero 31 retired by The ATL and the Cubbies.

Frank Robinson had his numero 20 retired by the Reds and B’More.

Casey Stengel had his numero 37 retried by the Mets and Yankees.

Nolan Ryan had his numero 30 retired by the Angels and his numero 34 retired by the ‘Stros and Rangers.

Got it!

I’m not in a mood to comment on our 0-4 start – period!



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The likelihood that The President’s re-election campaign will raise a billion dollars in contributions hasn’t sunk in yet.  Does a billion dollars guarantee his re-election?  Of course is doesn’t.   It does however make him the favorite in Vegas.  Think about it.

The President won’t have opposition in the primaries.  His advisors will have plenty of time and resources to plot a winning strategy.  They will have plenty of time to assess their eventual GOP opponent.

Meanwhile on the GOP side not a single candidate has formally gotten into the race.  There are some in the GOP that are saying candidates need to get out there and start raising money now.   How long can they hold out?

Maybe they are still assessing their chances.  Do they really want to pander to the tea baggers?   Do they really want to go through a grueling primary?  Do they really want to go up against a super financed campaign that will also have the resources of the White House?   You can only get so far shouting “Obamacare! Obamacare!”   I’m thinking some might be too chicken to run against The President.  If the GOP race doesn’t start soon, the voters might start to get into a mindset that The President might be unbeatable.

Some of the cable networks have already scheduled debates for the GOP candidates.   Show me the GOP candidates!

FYI:  Twenty years ago today, former U.S. Senator John Tower lost his life in a plane crash.   If he were still around, I don’t think Sen. Tower would recognize the current GOP Party in the Lone Star State.

In the MLB, what jersey number has been retired the most by teams?

The U.S. Attorney General says the al-Qaida bad guys will be tried in Guantanamo because folks here in the U.S. of A. didn’t want them tried on our soil.  I’m OK with that.  Of course, I’m surprised Guv Dude didn’t swagger in and offer up a courthouse in the Lone Star State so they could be tried Judge Roy Bean style.

Numeros 5 and 20 of course have been retired by 9 MLB teams.

5 – Brooks Robinson (B’More), Carl Barger (non player for Marlins), Lou Boudreau (Indians), George Brett (Royals), Johnny Bench (Reds), Willard Hershberger (Reds), Hank Greenberg (Tigers), Joe DiMaggio (Yankees), and Jeff Bagwell (‘Stros).

20 – Luis Gonzalez (D-Backs), Monte Irvin (Giants), Lou Brock (San Luis), Frank Robinson (B’More and Reds), Pie Traynor (Pirates), Mike Schmidt (Phillies), Don Sutton (Dodgers), and Frank White (Royals).   

Note:  Carl Barger was the first team President of the Marlins but died before the team ever played.   Barger’s favorite player was Joe DiMaggio so they retired numero 5.   Hershberger caught for the Reds but committed suicide during the season and his number was retired for three years before it was reactivated.

We’re in Cincinnati tonight and we need a win – period!



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“Shameful”, “devastating”, “Mississippification”, “detrimental”, and “doomsday” were the subject lines of the emails sent to my inbox late last night after the GOP budget passed the Texas State House.   Now get ready for redistricting.

As part of its Final Four coverage the Chron had a piece yesterday on the Astrodome.   Some prominent folks from H-Town provided their takes on what to do with the Dome.  H-Town CM Jones, former CM Quan, Larry Dierker and all the other prominent folks asked don’t want to tear it down. 
Check out the story here.  Commentary says tear it down.

My only contact with the Final Four stuff is that I saw a couple of Kentucky fans on a Downtown street Saturday afternoon – that’s it. 

The ‘Stros have today off then play three in Cincinnati.  Who was the last former Reds player to have his jersey number retired?

“Disappointed”, “letdown”, “ugly”, and “devastating” are words that describe the first three games of the season up in Philly.  The weekend got off to a terrible start when we blew a 4-0 lead on Friday.  What a miserable weekend!

This ought to be another interesting week at H-Town City Hall.  Rebuild Houston gets voted on and the first City Council redistricting maps will be unveiled.  Be there!

I was checking out the website of the “coalition” that wants to kill Rebuild Houston by throwing in a bunch of exemptions.   It includes folks from the Houston Tea Party Society.  I don’t know about that.

Of course the news isn’t all bad for Democrats.  The President launched his re-election campaign today and some folks are predicting that he is going to raise a billion dollars.  So far not a single GOPer has filed the paperwork to get into the race. 

Former Reds shortstop Dave Concepcion of course had his numero 13 retired on August 25, 2007.

At least the ‘Stros aren’t the only0-3 team in the MLB.  The Red Sox, Rays, and Brewers are also winless after three.  If there is any good news, at least Numero 45 and Pence are hitting the ball.

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