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Dems should send a big thank you note to The Donald.  He continues to hog all the oxygen in the GOP run for the presidency.  You have to figure all the so called serious candidates for the GOP prez nomination are going bonkers that they can’t get any press run because all the cameras are following The Donald.  Now The Donald is calling for The President’s college transcripts.  Oh brother!

GOP State Rep. Leo Berman of Tyler is still not satisfied with The President’s birth certificate.  In the Texas Tribune, Berman asks:

Why did it take the president so long, amid a conservative firestorm, to release it?

Why does it look "brand new," he said, when it’s supposed to be five decades old?

Why doesn’t the hospital listed on the birth certificate have a "plaque on the door" commemorating Obama’s birth there?

And has anyone checked with the delivery room doctor listed on the birth certificate (whose name Berman says is curiously difficult to make out)?

I’m surprised Berman didn’t also add how come it doesn’t have itty bitty foot prints on it like Commentary’s.

The SD 13 Executive Committee member fired back at the Lone Star State Dem Party Secretary.  It ain’t my fight but he sure can put out some stinging lines.  Here is how he describes the Dem Party Secretary:

the handful of self-important party insiders who demand obsequious deference but never take responsibility for chronic failure.

It is kind of nearly impossible to respond to that line.  Ouch! 

The Chron’s Columnist weighed in on H-Town redistricting yesterday and suggested that local Latinos might not be winners after all.  Check out his piece. I like the columnist but of course I never saw him at any of the hearings or town hall meetings.  It would probably be a good idea if folks would wait to see how the process plays out in the coming weeks before picking winners or losers so stay tuned!

The Big Puma who had an RBI against us last night was named NL Player of the Week a couple of weeks ago.  When was the last time a ‘Stro was named NL Player of the Week?

Yesterday the H-Town City Council started to consider approving the Rebuild Houston Oversight Committee.  There are nine slots.  The Mayor gets to appoint four and the City Council gets to appoint five.  CM James Rodriguez’s nominee was the only one accepted before the process to appoint the council’s five got bogged down.  Way to go James!

Hunter Pence of course was the NL Player of the Week for August 30 – September 5 last season.

We nearly came from behind last night but just couldn’t get the last run across – drats!  We end up the series with San Luis this evening and say goodbye to the Big Puma.


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