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Mississippi GOP Governor Haley Barbour is a pretty smart guy if you ask me.  He figured out that even if he won the GOP nomination for president, he would get his arse handed to him by The President next year.  He announced yesterday that he wouldn’t be running.   I wonder who will be the next to announce they won’t be running.

Speaking of folks that announced they won’t be running.  Remember the Tom Schieffer fella who decided he would run for Governor of the Lone Star State as a Dem and then he decided to get out of the race.  He’s now running the LA Dodgers.

The Texas House of Representatives take up their own redistricting tomorrow.  It looks like Harris County will lose one house seat.  The local Dem delegation has an Op-Ed in today’s Chron making the case for keeping the seat we’re fixing to lose.    Check it out.

Of course everyone knows that back in 1986 the ‘Stros and the Mets played in the NLCS with the Mets prevailing 4 games to 2.  Who was named the MVP of the 1986 NLCS?

Charlie Sheen brings his act to H-Town this evening.  I wonder how many suckers are going to show up.

The Big Puma makes it back to The Yard this evening.  He’s batting .377 with 6 dingers.  During the off season he hired a trainer to get into shape.  Milo Hamilton had some interesting words about the Big Puma yesterday:

"He got in excellent shape by hiring a trainer, and if he had done that the last couple of years he was here, guys, he could have finished out a really fine career in Houston — if he’d had given that same dedication.  I just want a simple answer: Why did you think it wasn’t necessary to get in shape your last couple of years as an Astro, and now to a team you didn’t even know, a manager you didn’t play for, you felt it was your responsibility to get in great shape? And it’s paying off. Look what’s he’s doing. He was Player of the Week last week, and I don’t remember when he was Player of the Week as an Astro.

"When he left here, there wasn’t a hue and cry for the older players because they felt that he let them down by not getting there early and doing his rehab work. [But] the younger players said if he’s getting away with that, how are we supposed to learn anything?’"

"Lance, I love you.  [You] have a great family. … But wouldn’t it have been great to have given that same dedication to the Astros and your owner here that you did in two short months to the Cardinals? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have finished your career here?"

Milo’s words got picked up by other media and here’s what he said later:

"I didn’t really call him out, but I told everybody what a great guy he was.  My big thought was if he thought it was important enough to get in shape for the Cardinals … if he would have done that two years ago, he could have played his whole career with the Astros and ended up here as an ambassador like Bagwell and Biggio. He’s got no future here now."

Well Milo certainly has an opinion, that’s for sure.

Mike Scott of course won the 1986 NLCS MVP for his dominating pitching performances for the ‘Stros in Games 1 and 4.   Mike Scott is celebrating his 56th BD today.

Did I mention that The Big Puma, Albert Pujols and San Luis are at The Yard this evening to start a three game series?  “Play Green” will be featured during current home stand as the team will don green lids this evening. 



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