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The City of H-Town has been operating under the nine City Council districts and five at-large members for about 32 years now.   Commentary used to be against having at-large members but now I don’t know if I have a problem with them.

Commentary went to every City of H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meeting and not a single person got up to speak against the at-large system.  At last Wednesday’s redistricting hearing, attorney Vidal Martinez spoke against the at-large system and introduced a 16 district plan that was drawn up by Greg’sOpinion. 

I just don’t see a big debate out there on the merits of the at-large system.  Right now we have CMs Bradford, Costello, Jones, Lovell, and Noriega from the at-large department so things are OK.  The Mayor is a product of the at-large system.  Same goes for the City Controller.   Four of the at-large members are Dems and the fifth, Costello, pretty much votes like a Dem.

Of course some folks would say that we haven’t elected a Latino at-large member lately.  Well that is kind of the fault of the Latino leadership because we haven’t gotten behind a Latino/Latina candidate with the proper resources.

With the way the demographics are trending here in H-Town, it is going to get tougher for a GOPer to get elected at-large.  So having an at-large system favors Dems I guess.

Who has the ‘Stros career batting record for striking out the most times?

Speaking of the GOP, The Donald is still hogging all of the stage and he doesn’t vote much.  He’s got a lot of folks in the GOP flabbergasted and hoping that he decides pretty soon not to get in the race.

B-G-O of course struck out 1,753 times in his career as a ‘Stro.

The good news is we went 3-3 on our roadie.  The bad news is we are still in last place as we take today off.


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