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Dr. Laura Murillo, CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce introduced the Houston Latino leadership’s City of Houston Redistricting Plan yesterday at the City of Houston’s Redistricting Hearing and it got a good response.  We didn’t scare anyone away.  Fellow consultant Robert Jara explained the plan to Council and answered their questions.   The plan is definitely still on the table.   It is time for the entire H-Town leadership to get behind the plan. 

For the past couple of weeks or so, Latino leaders have been meeting at the offices of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce discussing various proposals, plans, and strategies.   A consensus has been reached on a plan that the two current Latino district council members are comfortable advancing through the City Council.  

At last night’s City of H-Town Redistricting hearing, a Latino speaker was critical of the plan and inaccurately labeled the plan as the “Hispanic Chamber plan” that didn’t reflect the concerns of his community.    I don’t know where he got his info.  Dr. Murillo and the Chamber were gracious enough to facilitate the meetings and offer their facilities and resources.   A cross section of the Latinos leaders including business owners, professionals, elected officials, grass roots activists, educators, and consultants have participated in the process.   Some of us thought it would be appropriate if Dr. Murillo introduced the plan because she has led the effort to get us all under one roof.

A speaker last night suggested that the plan only had the support of “four” Latinos or so and the plan really wasn’t supported by the entire Latino community.  I think that is an insult to most of us that have participated in the process.    I think it makes sense to offer up only one “community” plan because it demonstrates a united effort and powerful front.

Here a bit of what the Chron says today about the plan:

"This whole process is about putting a community of interest together so that they can have the opportunity to elect – there’s no guarantee – the candidate of their choice," said political consultant Robert Jara, who presented the map. "It would give a Latino in that district a fighting chance to win."

Councilman James Rodriguez, who represents the city’s original Latino stronghold of District I, called the map the best he had seen.

"It protects District H and District I for future Latino leaders, and it’s less disruptive to other incumbents," he said. "That’s key to getting it passed."

Here is the Chron piece.

Now let’s see what happens.

There have been eight former MLBers with three grand salamis each as a member of the ‘Stros.  I’ll name seven:  Brad Ausmus, The Big Puma, Jose Cruz, Morgan Ensberg, Mike Lamb, Terry Puhl, and Doug Rader.  Name the eighth?

Commentary, Dr. Rey Guerra of the Greater Houston Civic Coalition, and former State Rep. Roman Martinez, a member of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Redistricting will be on Channel 13’s “Viva Houston” this Sunday at 11 am to discuss – what else – City of H-Town redistricting.  Dr. Guerra has put in a whole lot of work and energy into this effort.  Of course, Roman is veteran of redistricting wars.

Today is San Jacinto Day.

Ken Caminiti of course was the eighth ‘Stro with 3 grand salamis.  Caminiti who left us way too soon back in 2004 was born 48 years ago today.

We finally have won two in a row this season and go for a sweep of the Mets tonight!



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