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It looks like the local Latino leadership that has been meeting to plot strategy on City of H-Town redistricting has endorsed a plan.  Don’t forget to attend today’s final City of Houston’s Redistricting Hearings at City Hall at 9 am and then again at 7 pm.  Be there to find out the latest.

Speaking of, the Texas House of Representatives passed a House redistricting plan yesterday and it looks like the Heights is in four House districts.  Commentary is now in HD 145 (my old friend Carol Alvarado – now she is going to have to treat me like a constituent rather than as a consultant).  Reps. Coleman (HD 147) and Rep. Davis (HD 134) also now represent parts of the Heights.  Rep. Farrar will lose a lot of the Heights but still represents parts. Stay tuned!

Only three times in the history of the ‘Stros has a pitcher struck out 300 or more batters.  Name the pitchers?

The back and forth among Dem activists on the possible General Ricardo Sanchez Dem candidacy for U.S. Senator continued yesterday with my pal Stan Merriman being accused of being a bleacher bum of sorts.  I guess if you sit in the cheap seats you’re not entitled to an opinion.  Of course not everybody in Austin has all the answers either.  We haven’t had a Dem statewide winner since 1994, so the folks up in Austin can’t really claim a higher intelligence level if you ask me.  Commentary is really not interested in silencing Dem activists’ reactions on possible candidacies.  You think we’re hard on our candidates?  We’re corn puffs compared to what the GOP has in store.

J.R.  Richard of course struck out 313 batters in 1979 and 303 in 1978.  Mike Scott of course struck out 306 batters in 1986.

That was nice pitching performance by Wandy last night and a solid win by the ‘Stros.  Batting averages are starting to climb.  There is timely hitting.  They look better.  Now they have to face a knuckleball specialist tonight.



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