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Commentary was sent some stuff yesterday and also ran across a few things on how folks are reacting to the possible General Ricardo Sanchez candidacy for the U.S. Senate here in the Lone Star State.  He’s being chewed up on how he handled or bungled the war in Iraq.  He’s being accused of saying okay to water boarding and other torture tactics.  He’s being described as a pawn of certain Lone Star State Dem power brokers. 

It will be interesting to see how he responds to the criticism in the coming days and weeks.   Of course, if there is too much piling on, the Latino leadership and community might just get offended and come to his defense.

A pal of mine sent me a note asking why wasn’t a Latina recruited.  Hey, I’m not in charge of picking our candidates – sorry.

We haven’t really heard a whole lot of reaction to the possible General Sanchez candidacy from Dem activists.

In 2005, when the ‘Stros went to the World Serious, only one ‘Stro had more than 100 RBIs for the season.  Who am I talking about?

Local Latino leaders met yesterday to discuss City of H-Town redistricting strategies and agreed to try to get together and support one plan.  Hopefully we will get there.  The H-Town City Council will hold the final two redistricting hearings tomorrow at City Hall at 9 am and then at 7 pm – kind of like a day-night doubleheader.

The Texas Legislature is looking at doing away with the tax free shopping holidays in order to find more revenue.  So if you do away with the holidays, is that considered a tax increase.  I wonder what Guv Dude has to say about this.  It seems like since a lot of the middle to low income folks take advantage of the tax free holidays to stock up on school clothes and related stuff, the little guy is getting the shaft if you ask me. 

Former ‘Stros third baseman Morgan Ensberg of course had 101 RBIs in 2005 – our World Serious year.

Commentary forgot to mention the foul ball I snagged Saturday night.  It was a rocket shot that banged off the railing that I scooped up with my lid. 

The ‘Stros visit the Mets today and their new skipper Terry Collins who used to be the skipper of the ‘Stros from 1994-1996. 


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