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Yesterday the GOP Chair of the Texas State House Redistricting Committee laid out his map yesterday and Harris County is missing a state rep district.   It looks like most of the local Dem House districts have a different look.   At first glance, it looks like the Heights is in three or maybe four house districts.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, at yesterday’s City of H-Town Redistricting hearing, the City Attorney wanted CM Jones to define powwow – huh!  Commentary spent some time yesterday afternoon working with the City’s redistricting gizmo.   Some Latino leaders will get together today to look at maps and see where we go.  Also stay tuned!

How many inside-the-park dingers have ever been hit at The Yard?

I have to hand it to CM James Rodriguez.  He was the first to point out the problemos with the proposed City of H-Town Redistricting Plan and got most of the local Latino leadership stirred up.  He was also the first to point out that the proposed District J would elect an “Anglo progressive.”  Now everyone is using that term.  In fact yesterday, CM Bradford requested a legal definition of “progressive district.”

In the movie “Armageddon” that came out in 1998, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck ride the space shuttles and destroy a humongous asteroid that is heading to splatter the Earth.  Maybe we ought to ask the folks over at Touchstone Pictures if they can let us have the shuttle model that they used during the filming, as sort of a consolation prize. 

Four inside-the-park dingers of course have been hit at The Yard since it opened in 2000.    Adam Everett hit one for the ‘Stros in 2003.  Willie Bloomquist of Seattle hit one in 2007.  Geovany Soto of the Cubbies hit one in 2008.  Freddy Sanchez of the Pirates also hit one in 2008.

Last night at The Yard we had cool weather, open roof, not enough runs, and a lousy pitching performance by Wandy.  We are definitely struggling as the Padres come in for four starting tonight.



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