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The headline in the hard copy of the Chron says it best:  ONE GIANT SNUB FOR HOUSTON.

Here is what my pal Bob Stein from Rice says in the Chron:  Many Republicans in the Texas delegation are ideologues and they can’t see any way to make a deal. That hurts the state when it comes to decisions like this."

Commentary kind of predicted this and why.  I think we need to put some blame on the GOP leadership here in the Lone Star State and H-Town.  They need to start showing a little respect for The President and The White House.

Hey, don’t worry though.  I talked to Pam-In-Charge at The Yard last night and she says that we will still be able to call the team the ‘Stros.

The City of H-Town Redistricting process continues this morning with a hearing at City Hall.  It looks like Latinos will be there in full force.  Some key Latino leaders met yesterday to plot their next moves so you better stay tuned!

How many times has a ‘Stros skipper been named the NL Manager of the Year?

Hunter Pence is celebrating his 28th BD today.  Hunter went 3 for 5 with 4 RBIs last night so Happy Birthday Hunter!

Last night, Pam-In-Charge also handed off to me a copy of this year’s Media Guide which is a must for all serious fans.  It has a lot of cool stuff and is always on Commentary’s desk.

Three skippers of course have won the NL Manager of the Year:  Bill Virdon (1980), Hal Lanier (1986), and Larry Dierker (1998).

Last night at The Yard was the place to be.  Cool weather, open roof, tons of runs, and a good pitching performance by our ace Brett Meyers.  We put it on the Cubbies so try heading out there tonight!



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