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Welcome to the party!  A group called the Greater Houston Civic Coalition is a Latino driven organization that is working to oppose the proposed City of H-Town redistricting plan because it doesn’t address increased Latino political representation at City Hall.  Commentary isn’t part of the group but I certainly welcome their participation.  There is a lot of buzz out there in the Latino community about the proposed plan. For a while I thought that there were only a few of us that had concerns.   The Coalition has plans for a press conference and I’m sure they will attend tomorrow’s hearing at 9 am at City Hall.  Stay tuned!

Here is from Jason Embry at the Austin American Statesman:

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie announced over the weekend that he would not run for re-election next year. One name that has quickly emerged to replace him is Gilberto Hinojosa, a longtime officeholder in Cameron County (he’s been a county judge, a district judge and an appeals judge) who is now the county’s Democratic chairman. He is also on the executive committee of the Democratic National Committee.

In a phone call Monday night, Hinojosa said he is likely to file his running-for-chairman paperwork in the next couple of days. And he talked a great deal about wanting to do more to mobilize the party’s base — particularly Hispanic voters. He said one reason Democrats have had more success in states such as Nevada, Colorado and California is because they have done a better job in those states of mobilizing Hispanic voters.

Hinojosa suggested that trying to turn out the Democratic base would be a more fruitful exercise than what many statewide candidates have focused on, unsuccessfully, in recent elections — turning out independent voters.

“We’re not going to give away any constituent group to the Republicans,” Hinojosa said. “But you’ve got to focus on your base before anything else.”

Numerous Democratic sources have also said state Rep. Richard Pena Raymond is considering making a bid for state chairman. Raymond did not respond to a message left with his staff Monday.

Well at the least the right things are being said about the Dem Party neglecting the Latino vote.

The Cubbies are in town and of course everyone knows that they haven’t won a World Serious since 1908.  How long has it been since the Cubbies were in the World Serious and how did they do? 

We ought to know later on today if H-Town gets a retired space shuttle.  I’d be surprised if we get it because the Lone Star State doesn’t give any love to The President.  Even if we were to get one of the shuttles, do you actually think that Guv Dude, Hutch, Cornyn, or the Lite Guv would send The President a thank you note? Nope!

Here is from Chron .Com:

"If Texas does not get a orbiter, this is a less-than-subtle message from the White House that politics matters more than history," grumbled an aide to one Texas lawmaker, who is not authorized to speak on the record.

The Chronicle’s SciGuy, Eric Berger, has made his predictions.

— Smithsonian Institution’s Udvar-Hazy Center (Chantilly, Va.): Discovery
— National Museum of the United States Air Force (Dayton, Ohio): Atlantis
— Kennedy Space Center (Florida): Endeavour
— Museum of Flight (Seattle): Enterprise (from the Smithsonian)

The Civil War started 150 years ago today and the Lone Star State is still part of the Union.

In 1945 of course the Tigers took the Cubbies in seven games.

There were a whole lot of empty seats last night and the ‘Stros continue to struggle.  It is kind of like the same old story of not getting the clutch hit with runners in scoring position.  It happened again last night.   Oh well! 



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