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Commentary is not going to say anything about the Lone Star State Dem Party Chair that won’t run again.  I will say that if the same folks that run the Dem Party continue to pick our next Chair, then I don’t expect much in terms of an H-Town area Latino voter engagement strategy. 

The City of H-Town redistricting process continues this week with a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, at 9 am, at City Hall.  The opposition to the proposed plan is picking up steam in the Latino community.  I expect a lot of folks to attend Wednesday’s hearing. 

Man-Roid decided to hang up his cleats after learning he would be suspended for 100 games – yikes!

The San Diego Padres visit The Yard for four this Thursday. When was the last time a Padre won the NL MVP Award?

The Texas State Senate might pass a bill that will let one pack heat on college campuses.  You gotta be kidding!   Most university presidents oppose, but what do they know says the state senators in support of the bill. 

Some Dems aren’t happy at the deal that was struck to avert a federal government shutdown.  Nobody should be happy but that’s the best we can do given the circumstances.

Today is April 11, 2011 and we still don’t have any official GOP candidates for president.

In 1996, the late Ken Caminiti of course won the MVP Award as a Padre by batting .326, hitting 40 dingers, and having 130 RBIs.

After the first nine games or so, Albert Pujols is batting .143, The Big Puma is batting .214, and Numero 45 is batting .200.

Friday was a sellout at The Yard but there were a whole lot of empty seats Saturday and yesterday.  I’m thinking that even with the Cubbies coming in for three this week beginning tonight, the bathroom lines won’t be that long.  Folks don’t believe I guess.  I still believe!


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