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The likelihood that The President’s re-election campaign will raise a billion dollars in contributions hasn’t sunk in yet.  Does a billion dollars guarantee his re-election?  Of course is doesn’t.   It does however make him the favorite in Vegas.  Think about it.

The President won’t have opposition in the primaries.  His advisors will have plenty of time and resources to plot a winning strategy.  They will have plenty of time to assess their eventual GOP opponent.

Meanwhile on the GOP side not a single candidate has formally gotten into the race.  There are some in the GOP that are saying candidates need to get out there and start raising money now.   How long can they hold out?

Maybe they are still assessing their chances.  Do they really want to pander to the tea baggers?   Do they really want to go through a grueling primary?  Do they really want to go up against a super financed campaign that will also have the resources of the White House?   You can only get so far shouting “Obamacare! Obamacare!”   I’m thinking some might be too chicken to run against The President.  If the GOP race doesn’t start soon, the voters might start to get into a mindset that The President might be unbeatable.

Some of the cable networks have already scheduled debates for the GOP candidates.   Show me the GOP candidates!

FYI:  Twenty years ago today, former U.S. Senator John Tower lost his life in a plane crash.   If he were still around, I don’t think Sen. Tower would recognize the current GOP Party in the Lone Star State.

In the MLB, what jersey number has been retired the most by teams?

The U.S. Attorney General says the al-Qaida bad guys will be tried in Guantanamo because folks here in the U.S. of A. didn’t want them tried on our soil.  I’m OK with that.  Of course, I’m surprised Guv Dude didn’t swagger in and offer up a courthouse in the Lone Star State so they could be tried Judge Roy Bean style.

Numeros 5 and 20 of course have been retired by 9 MLB teams.

5 – Brooks Robinson (B’More), Carl Barger (non player for Marlins), Lou Boudreau (Indians), George Brett (Royals), Johnny Bench (Reds), Willard Hershberger (Reds), Hank Greenberg (Tigers), Joe DiMaggio (Yankees), and Jeff Bagwell (‘Stros).

20 – Luis Gonzalez (D-Backs), Monte Irvin (Giants), Lou Brock (San Luis), Frank Robinson (B’More and Reds), Pie Traynor (Pirates), Mike Schmidt (Phillies), Don Sutton (Dodgers), and Frank White (Royals).   

Note:  Carl Barger was the first team President of the Marlins but died before the team ever played.   Barger’s favorite player was Joe DiMaggio so they retired numero 5.   Hershberger caught for the Reds but committed suicide during the season and his number was retired for three years before it was reactivated.

We’re in Cincinnati tonight and we need a win – period!



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