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Commentary attended the final City of H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meeting in Sharpstown (District F) last night.  About 90 folks showed up including staff, security,  children, and Hollywood.   Attendees included Anglos, Asian Americans, Latinos, and a few African Americans.  The Mayor and CMs Hoang and Bradford were there.

Commentary along with everybody else’s jaw dropped when The Mayor walked in with Robert Redford.  (That guy still looks cool at 70 plus.) Redford surprised everybody by announcing that his Sundance Cinemas would set up shop at the old Angelika Theaters in Downtown Houston.   Redford went on to say that he would hope that his new Sundance Cinemas would remain in District I in the new redistricting plan.  Redford said that it was his understanding that Downtown and District I had a strong working historical relationship.  He went on to say that part of the Sundance H-Town business plan included showing more first class Spanish language films that would attract Spanish speaking moviegoers from the East End in District I.  After Redford spoke, he hung around and had his picture taken with folks – WOW!

Super Neighborhood, management district, and civic club leaders were there to ask that they be kept intact.  Asian American leaders also stated their case.  The Greater Heights neighborhood group was a no-show.  Commentary spoke again and The Mayor acknowledged that I had attended all 10 town hall meetings.  I didn’t think she noticed. 

The City will lay out their draft redistricting map of the 11 council districts next Wednesday, April 6.  Commentary won’t be too happy if folks that never showed up at the town hall meetings come out and complain about the map and the process so stay tuned!

“Every year, someone you thought was the best player ever is going to struggle, and somebody you’ve never heard of is going to step up to be the next big thing. There’s going to be a team that’s going to shock somebody. We feel it’s going to be us.”…..Hunter Pence in yesterday’s Chron.

The ‘Stros open today in Philly at 12 noon!

Most of the experts are picking the ‘Stros to finish in fifth place just above the Pirates in the NL Central.  Well it gets underway today in Philly for a three game series this weekend against three of the best pitchers in baseball.  Roy Halladay was last year’s NL Cy Young Award winner.  Roy Oswalt is our former ace.  Cliff Lee won the AL Cy Young Award in 2008 and help lead the Rangers to the World Serious last season.  We’re not supposed to win any of the games this weekend.  Let’s just play them one at a time.

Who was the first ‘Stro to hit .300 plus (qualifiers only) in a season?

Former World Serious ‘Stro Willy Taveras didn’t make the Rockies’ Opening Day roster.

The Chron has a piece today about where the 2005 World Serious ‘Stros are these days – they must still be reading Commentary.  In the piece they say that Jason Lane is an outfielder with the Jays.  That’s not what the Jays’ website says.

The Chron also says the ‘Stros will go 75-87 this season.

Four Chron sportswriters made their MLB predictions today and none of them picked the ‘Stros to make the playoffs.

Commentary hears that there are conflicting reports about the Harris County State Senators that are meddling in Rebuild Houston.  Were they meddling or were they not?  Just put out a press release and ‘splain your position.

Rusty Staub of course batted .333 in 1967 for the ‘Stros.  Le Grand Orange is celebrating his 67th BD today!


Did I mention that at 12 noon today Commentary will have the tube tuned to the ‘Stros versus Philly?  


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